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County Fairs and Poetry Revisited

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Yesterday when I posted about poetry at a local county fair I didn't realize that there's actually quite a bit of activity in this area. Out of curiosity, I entered "county fair poetry" into Google and came up with some interesting examples:

The Pike County Fair (Missouri) is holding their second poetry slam.

There's an Academic Rodeo for young people that includes a poetry contest at The Titus County Fair in Texas.

Taylor Co., Kentucky's 4-H not only has a poetry competition, the winners are published in an anthology of district winners.

Finally, one enterprising poet has devoted his efforts to introducing poetry into county fair competitions. His "How to Set Up Poetry Contests at Fairs" explains how poetry winds up in the craft division. I agree, though, that promoting literacy--and poetry--are worthy pursuits; just as long as one kind of poetry isn't being championed as the only kind.



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