Interview, no power, and other fun updates!

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Belinda Subraman recently interviewed me on her blog. She has quite a few interviews listed on her blog with various poetry-related people and others. The cool thing about this interview is that it's in audio. Check it out at

In the interview, I mention S.A. Griffin, Amanda Oaks, James Tate, my wife, an ex-girlfriend, my past with F+W Media, my future with F+W Media, my writing, my submissions, etc. (Sounds like a lot of me-me-me, but hopefully there is some value for you-you-you as well.)


Also, if it seems like it's been a little quiet over here, it's because I was busy last week--AND most of Southwest Ohio was without power Sunday afternoon into this morning. In fact, my house in Dayton is still without power--and I believe more than 500,000 people in the Cincinnati-area alone are still in the dark. But F+W Media is back up and running today. Yay!


Finally, we mentioned the Fake Bio Contest in the interview mentioned above. I've got the list whittled down to 8 fake bios and will attempt to name a winner before I leave this afternoon. Thanks for being patient with me!