The Winners of the 19th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 19th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition! WD is proud to announce the top 25 winners.

Read the grand prize winning entry, Hari Om Senior Center and an interview with the grand prize winner Reena Shah.

  1. “Hari Om Senior Center” by Reena Shah
  2. “Saint Christopher” by Vance Cariaga
  3. “Station of Life” by Jeannie L. Link
  4. “The Kind You Can Ride” by Eric Reitan
  5. “Sally and the Goldfish” by Samantha Pilecki
  6. “Twice” by Sarp Sozdinler
  7. “Chain” by Daniel Porter
  8. “The Roots of the Tree” by Faye Arcand
  9. “Sacrament” by Laurie Banks
  10. “Morning Glory” by Kaylee Schuler
  11. “Trousers” by Renee Meloche
  12. “When Crickets Go Ninja” by Deborah Burnside
  13. “Shovelhead” by Eugene Jones Baldwin
  14. “The Bird in the Cage” by Allison Paige
  15. “Black Cat” by Charlene Moncrief
  16. “A Spot of Beauty” by Gogi Hale
  17. “Smoke and Mirrors” by Katya Bacica
  18. “A Teaching Moment on Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Brooklyn” by by Michael Reckord
  19. “I Am Jefferson” by Angus Macpherson
  20. “A Sea of Grief” by RoseMary Griffith
  21. “Boom!” by Tom Di Roma
  22. “Sharp Money” by Brian Condike
  23. “Catching Crickets” by Doug McCracken
  24. “Dusty Boots” by Roger Smith
  25. “Crystalline” by Cassandra Satterfield


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