Winners of “The Q: Best Novel Writing Advice” Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in my recent post and who shared the best novel writing advice you had ever received. So many great nuggets to help us navigate our way through the difficult terrain of our shared passion—writing. Here are the winners of a free Writer’s Digest magazine subscription (the three folks who commented on the blog, shared the blog through some form of social media and won the random selection lotto). The winners are:

Kaitlin Adams

Some of my favorite pieces of advice shared by our community of writers include:

“Don’t worry if it sounds good or looks good or even makes sense. Just write. You can fix all the mistakes later.”

“Listen to your inner voice when it comes to final decisions about your novel during revisions.”

“Make sure your characters are worth spending ten hours with. That’s how long it takes to read a book.”

Thanks again to all who participated. To view all the great novel writing advice everyone shared, check out the comments section on this advice on writing post.

And, if you want excellent advice on anything from character development to plot execution to getting an agent, I highly recommend checking out The Writer’s Little Helper. This is one of my favorite books we have and it really is a great resource for any writer, no matter what your genre is. Check out The Writer’s Little Helper.

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