Try These Writing Prompts – Trust Me, It’ll Be Fun

Some mornings I’m about as creative as a thumbtack. I roll out of bed at the same time, eat the same Raisin Bran for breakfast and drive the same route to work. Then I stare blankly at the computer screen for 45 minutes before deciding to sneak down and see if there are any free cookies in the mailroom.

I do love free cookies.

To get the burst of creativity to break me out of my funk, I often turn to writing prompts. Writing Prompts are a great way to let someone else start the story for you but let you take the story where ever you want to go. To help you get started today, I wanted to offer several of our recent writing prompts:

The Best Part About Writing Fiction Is …

Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear

Sent to the Wrong Printer

Strange Voicemail from Your Boss

Confronting a Childhood Bully

Try these out for size and post your stories in the comments section. You’ll often get feedback, which can be a big motivational tool and also help you break a writing funk. Plus, stop by our Writing Prompts section daily/weekly for hundreds of writing prompts geared to help challenge your muse.

And, if you have any ideas for a writing prompt, post it in the comments section below. We may just use it on the site.

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3 thoughts on “Try These Writing Prompts – Trust Me, It’ll Be Fun

  1. Sarah Green


    I submitted an entry to a prompt regarding “my return to my childhood house and found that it had been demolished.” The deadline was January 10th. Where can I fund the results and be able to vote?


    Sarah Green

  2. S A Slack

    You might try having oatmeal and a protein drink instead of raisin bran for breakfast. I like your blog. You asked about a name for it? How about “Brian’s Brain.”

  3. taratyler

    this doesnt look like a blog yet. it sounds like one, and i like your writing prompts…
    you asked for help naming it, any luck?
    how about “klems keepers” or “life of brian” or “writers seeking advice”
    good articles deserve a better showcase =) i’ll be watching!


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