NaNoWriMo Giveaway (Day 5): 50 Questions to Consider When Writing a Novel

In honor of National Novel Writing Month, I’m going to be offering free content each weekday in November to help all NaNoWriMo participants (and, really, anyone who is working on a novel).
Here is today’s giveaway:

Day 5: If you’re finding those first few pages rough going, review these 50 thought-provoking questions provided by Jack Heffron, author of The Writer’s Idea Book. They’re designed to help you get past those challenging first pages and fire up your creative thinking. To get this freebie, just enter your e-mail address below.


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One thought on “NaNoWriMo Giveaway (Day 5): 50 Questions to Consider When Writing a Novel

  1. Claudine Darling

    I have a question. I am writing a mystery novel “Based on Actual Events” . I want to use this saying
    “Based on Actual Events” on the front cover. Can I do this legally? All names have been changed. But some of the events are true with people that were with me or from events when I was a child with my siblings (sister). My question is: Can I put “Based on Actual Events” on the cover of my book. Crazy as it is — My Mom and I are bickering about this. Thank you CC Darling –


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