How to Write and Publish Nonfiction Premium Collection – 11 Great Resources Bundled in One Low Price

wd_howtowritenonfiction-500There are many resources out there for writing nonfiction, which can be confusing for writers trying to decide which one fits their needs. Here, with our new Writer’s Digest How to Write and Publish Nonfiction Premium Collection, you get 11 great writing resources covering everything—from writing better nonfiction to crafting your query letter to getting your nonfiction published—bundled together for one low price. There are details to all the books, webinars and downloads including in this collection below, but this is a limited time offer so click here to order before they are gone.

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Publish Your Nonfiction Book
PAPERBACKThis book collects every resource you need to publish your nonfiction story in one place! Whether you haven’t written your first page or you’re a published author, this book will make the process from idea to publication a painless one. Learn if you have the necessary skillset necessary for nonfiction writing, how to develop your platform and target your audience, and how to navigate the relationship with editors and publishers.
Writing Creative Nonfiction
This compilation presents more than thirty essays examining every key element of the craft of writing creative nonfiction. Learn from today’s top creative writers how to draw on your own experiences for compelling nonfiction story ideas, how to structure your novel, how to use satire and other forms of humor, and more. This resource also includes a creative nonfiction “reader” featuring pieces from popular authors.
3 Secrets to Getting Your Nonfiction Book Published
ONDEMAND WEBINARThis presentation will get you from idea to published in three steps. Find out the secrets of a nonfiction story that thrills agents and editors, how to craft a selling handle, the basics of proposal writing, and more. The webinar includes everything you need to know about the publishing process to ensure your story hits the shelves.
Selling Your Nonfiction Book
EBOOKNot every nonfiction book is picked up by an agent or editor. There’s an art to writing your proposal and finding a publisher. This eBook outlines the seven components to crafting a nonfiction book proposal, what to include in the query letter, and books, websites and organizations that can help you prepare a winning nonfiction story proposal.
How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal
DIGITAL DOWNLOADDo you know what prescriptive nonfiction is? This tutorial will outline how it can speed up the process to publication. As a nonfiction writer, you have to know how to position yourself as an expert on your topic and how to show editors that there’s a need for your book. This 30-minute video will uncover the best way to sell yourself in your book proposal.
Nonfiction Books – Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript
EBOOK EXCERPTThis eBook excerpt will guide you through the nonfiction story submission process. All components of your book proposal will be addressed: Cover letter, cover page, overview, marketing information or business case, competitive analysis, author information, chapter outline, sample chapters and additional attachments.
How to Pitch and Publish Your Nonfiction Book
DIGITAL DOWNLOADPublishing nonfiction books is a different ballgame than fiction publishing. You pitch differently, you prepare differently, you write differently, and you get paid differently. This tutorial describes how to pitch your nonfiction book idea, how to complete the book proposal, and how to write your table of contents (TOC). The tutorial also covers authorship, co-authorship, contributing authorship, agents, and publishers.
Marketing Plan Template for Non-Fiction Authors
DIGITAL DOWNLOADHow strong is your platform? In today’s publishing climate, nothing influences a publisher’s interest more than the strength of an author’s marketing plan. If publishers aren’t sure an author can help sell books, they tend to reject the book proposal and choose someone else. This downloadable template is a concise, four-page, Word document that walks you step-by-step through building your own marketing plan to distinguish yourself from the pack.
Bestseller Website Tutorial for Non-Fiction Authors
DIGITAL DOWNLOADResearch has shown that websites are the top way readers choose to support their favorite authors. The more people you attract to your website, the more likely your book sales will increase. Sadly, too many authors hinder their success by throwing together a shoddy webpage or never setting up a website at all. Get expert insights from Rob Eagar, and build a website worthy of a bestseller!
Ask the Editor: Nonfiction 2014 Writer’s Digest Conference Session
DIGITAL DOWNLOADThe market for nonfiction books is thriving and it can be substantially easier to get nonfiction published than fiction. In this Writer’s Digest Conference session, a panel of high-level nonfiction acquisition editors answer a range of important, thought-provoking questions about how books are acquired, what you can do to seal a deal – or kill it – and what they’re looking for, regardless of what the latest “trends” suggest. You’ll also learn about their stance on self-publishing and whether doing so can help or hurt your chances of securing a traditional contract.
The Five Keys to Selling Your Nonfiction Book or Memoir OnDemand Webinar
ONDEMAND WEBINARIf your submission is going to get any consideration, you have to know what to emphasize and how to prioritize your points to make your book attractive.Your nonfiction book can quickly stand out and get attention if it presents the 5 key aspects of a book project. In this On Demand Webinar, learn how to craft your sales proposition, give good comparative titles, present your marketing platform, build your TOC and choose sample chapters to make agents want to represent you.

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