How to Get Your Writing Noticed

Learn how to get connected and get agents, publishers and readers to notice your writing.Throughout the year we bundle together several writing resources that focus on something specific—something that could really, really help you forward your writing career. Oh, and we offer the bundle up for a ridiculously discounted price. There is one catch, though: There’s only 100 bundles available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This month’s bundle is the Get Your Work Noticed Premium Collection, which focuses on building your network and social presence, both of which are key in the 21st Century world of publishing. It’s important to get started branching out right away, no matter where you are in the writing process (first draft, querying agents, even if you haven’t started writing yet!). This package of 8 resources includes:

Create Your Writer Platform
How to Sell Your Book Like Wildfire
Get Known Before The Book Deal

OnDemand Webinars:
Create an Author Website in 24 Hours or Less
How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing and Yourself
Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging

OnDemand Tutorials:
Build Your Own Writing Platform

Marketing Plan Template for Fiction Authors

WAS: $327.85. NOW: $99.00 (Order here >>)

I should note I’m a HUGE fan of Create Your Writing Platform, as it really hits the nails on the head when it comes to platform for writers (and explains it in easy-to-grasp terms and concepts). My platform (my popular dad blog and my Twitter following) helped me land an agent and a book deal. You’re at a big disadvantage without one, so spending a little time upfront understanding the best practices can go a long way to finding success (while minimalizing the time you have to spend doing it).

Remember, once we sell all 100 bundles the deal is gone. So check it out and order now:

Get Your Work Noticed Premium Collection


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