Announcing New Writer’s Digest Column: From Our Readers (Comment for a Chance at Publication)

This post announces the new Writer’s Digest column, From Our Readers. Each issue will feature a question and our favorite reader responses. Look below for the first “From Our Readers” question.

Autumn is that special season when the nights lengthen, leaves fall from trees, and editors plan for the next publishing year. Or, at least, that’s how it goes around Writer’s Digest, which will be celebrating 100 years of publication in 2020!

One of our exciting new things is a column called “From Our Readers” that will share a question we pose with our favorite reader responses.

Our first question is the following: What are your 2020 writing goals?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your goals, whether it’s to finish that first novel or publish your tenth memoir, which would be a lot of memoirs. Once you have a goal or three, share them with us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in the January/February 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Provide an answer to the question “What are your 2020 writing goals?” in the comments below.
  • Answers can be funny, weird, poignant, thought-provoking, entertaining, etc.
  • Remember to include your name as you would like it to appear in print.
  • Deadline for commenting this time around is November 1, 2019.
  • Only comments shared below will be considered for publication, though feel free to share your answers on social media with the following hashtags: #WDReaders #2020WritingGoals.

7 thoughts on “Announcing New Writer’s Digest Column: From Our Readers (Comment for a Chance at Publication)

  1. AvatarLorast

    I have a trilogy running around in my head, start to finish. I have a new computer and scrivener so it’s time to get these novels in there and get them done. I have loved writing all my life and have done stories and poems but I really want to publish a novel. I go to the book store and look at the shelves imagining what it would be like to see my book up there. I am 60 so I need to get in gear. I’ve wasted so much time doing other things. THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR! Like Jerry Jenkins says, it’s butt in chair that gets things done! So this year, my behind is planted in the chair of writing. I have enough story ideas to last a lifetime. Here I come world.

  2. Avatarwilliamadams

    My goal for 2020 is to publish a book on ‘How to Write Faster Better Cheaper Easier’ which would share my process about writing.

    I did not learn HOW to write in high school. What one teacher taught about outlining was pure nonsense, while the others focused on grammar and reading ‘literature’. I did not learn HOW to write at the uni either. The English department made us write, without time to research or plan first, then gave us back our papers full of red marks which showed SPAG errors. But the uni never told us HOW to write. Flash forward 15 years and I have to write for work, but only if I want to keep my job.

    I was forced to come up with a process for HOW to write, when my attempts at just writing aka ‘pantsing’ failed to meet deadlines while creating very poor content. What I learned was that planning and organizing, not outlining, were the key to writing well. To that I added use of techniques for creativity such as brainstorming, and mind mapping. I was already adept at researching. Good editors helped too.

    The result was that after writing technical documentation for work, I later became a professional presenter for a fortune 100 company, and also was a professional writer for several years at a later job. Transitioning to retirement, I taught at a university where it was clear that their English department still did not teach students HOW to write, as based on the papers I received in my classes.

    One other point I also know is that there is a crossover phenomenon. We see it between quantum physics at the small scale, and the real world physics of the large. This phenomenon happens in many other places including writing. For me, the crossover is at about 1500 words. I can pants a short piece easier than using my full formal writing process. But if I write a book or long form article then I do need to plan and organize first. Where that crossover point is for any given writer, and how wide the ‘grey’ area is, depends on each individual writer; and also whether they have deadlines, a given word count to match, or previous writings which are not always theirs, that they have to be consistent with.

    william adams, pe, phd

  3. Avatarmparsonsnyc

    Stop being so proud of “not-writing” because of distractions (but they are so important distractions!)
    Complete one short-story anthology, ready for publication.
    Complete 2 novel manuscripts, ready for publication.
    Submit minimum of one novel manuscript to agent or publisher as necessary.
    Oh oh dare it be exclaimed to the universe: BECOME PUBLISHED!
    Marie Antonia Parsons

  4. AvatarPaul Dean

    Life is crazy! Second kid just arrived, toddler refuses to eat anything but cookies, and my job is stretching me to my emotional and mental limits! The only way I’m going to get any writing done is to wake up at 5:30 and carve the time out of my own flesh.

    Three weeks in and resolve begins to waver. This morning lark is struggling to sing!

  5. AvatarNot-Only But-Also Riley

    People set writing goals? In that case, my goal is to sit down and write every chance I get, whatever that amounts to. I wish it would amount to a novel, or poetry book, or even getting paid, but it likely won’t, and that’s cool too. My goal is just to keep on writing.

    – Riley Hysell

  6. Avatarfreelancewriter0972

    My 2020 writing goals:

    – Finish writing and self-publish my second book.;
    – Get published in Wriiter’s Digest/win a Writer’s Digest contest, and
    – Find/connect with more communities of writers to share ideas and experiences.

    – Shalana Millard