An MFA Student's 2011 Writing Resolutions

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Last week I made a list of writing-related things I’m grateful for that happened in 2010. Now that we are two days into the new year, my next list is writing-related resolutions for 2011. Now this list is separate from my normal resolutions, which are pretty standard and usually forgotten by early February: lose weight, be neater, think more positively, etc., and hopefully, this list will be followed with more success:


•Make sure this writing time is spent mainly on writing, and not editing.

•Make sure this writing time is uninterrupted. Hide the cell phone, fight the impulse to take “Facebook breaks” or to check email.

•Continue submitting work.

•Keep track of submissions (I use an excel spreadsheet)

•Make sure to submit to publications that are a good fit for my work.

•FINISH MY THESIS, a collection of linked short stories.

•Begin working on my next manuscript

•Continue working on building relationships in the writing community

Maintain friendships with my fellow students and teachers, and avoid people with ulterior motives.

•Attend literary events (sigh, I wish I was going to AWP!)


•Maintain a life, but realize that writing is a huge part of my life, and that it requires sacrifice.

•Always remember that writing is extremely hard work and that I will never achieve the writing goals I want to achieve without working. . . extremely hard.

•Read great literature voraciously.

•Save my money so I can attend the summer abroad program in Florence.

•Write down story ideas before I lose them.


What are your writing resolutions for 2011? Good luck making them come true!

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