Eighth Annual Popular Fiction Awards - List of Winners

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Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the winners of the Eighth Annual Popular Fiction Awards. Each year, writers submit their very best short stories in one of six categories: crime, horror, romance, science fiction, thriller, and young adult. The winners of this year's awards were chosen from 2,300 entries and represent the very best in genre fiction. Please join us in congratulating our winners!

For complete coverage of the Eighth Annual Popular Fiction Awards, see the May/June 2013 issue of Writer's Digest magazine. The stories of the Grand Prize winner and the First Place winner in each genre have been posted for you to read and enjoy (see links below).

For more details on the Ninth Annual Popular Fiction Awards, click here!

Grand Prize

“Forfeit” - Sandra Anthony (Read it here)
Here's an interview with Sandra Anthony.

Category Winners & Finalists:


1. “Moms’ Night Out” - Tessa Wegert (Read it here)
2. “Pick Up”- Michael Caleb Tasker
3. “Dear Henry” - Shelley M. Arnfield
4. “Dog Killer” - Nathan Pettigrew
5. “A Few Innocuous Lines”- Sarah Z. Sleeper


1. “Ain’t You Scared?” - Gillian French (Read it here)
2. “Underneath”- Robyn Okrant
3. “John Crowley vs.The Stuff”- Jason Parker
4. “Houseguest” - Jacob Budenz
5. “The Man at the Fence” - Robert N. Jennings


1. “Nightswimming” - Mary Pat Bielecki (Read it here)
2. “The Bookstore” - Christina Sirignano
3. “Letting In” - Alyssa Shrout
4. “The Hidden Goodbye” - Dawn Parillo
5. “Things Left Unsaid” - Elaine Roth

Science Fiction

1. “The Mobius Comet” - Craig Ham (Read it here)
2. “Columbine” - Jessie Salissbury
3. “Paint Drying and a Fractured Mind” - Marc Housley
4. “Contamination” - Kathleen A. Magner
5. “Sergi’s Stage” - Eva Rieder


1. “Shooter” - Kyan Yauchler (Read it here)
2. “Cold Night Out” - John Howell
3. “Her Project” - Richard Harvie
4. “All the Odds Are Even” - J.E. Irvin
5. “I Ball: A Soldier’s Story” - Eye Q the Blac Poet

Young Adult

1. “O, Tiepolo” - Jessica Gregg (Read it here)
2. “Fear Not” - D.B. Graves
3. “Finding Someday in the Dark” - Laura Keller
4. “Miss Teen Texas 2011” - Katy Louise Jones
5. “A Well Deep Within” - Alisa Jacobs