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Tenth Annual Popular Fiction Awards – List of Winners

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Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the winners of the Tenth Annual Popular Fiction Awards. Each year, writers submit their very best short stories in one of six categories: crime, horror, romance, science fiction, thriller, and young adult. The winners of this year’s awards were chosen from 1,300 entries and represent the very best in genre fiction. Please join us in congratulating our winners!

For complete coverage of the Tenth Annual Popular Fiction Awards, see the May/June 2015 issue of Writer's Digest. The stories of the Grand Prize winner and the First Place winner in each genre have been poster for you to read and enjoy (see links below).

For more details on the Eleventh Annual Popular Fiction Awards, click here!

Grand Prize
"Damaged," A.G. Wagoner (read it here)
For an extended interview with Wagoner, click here.

"The Dragon and the Snake," Chadwick T. Ahn (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"Just for G.P.," Linda Hudson Hoagland
"Sleepaway Pounds," Ann Swann
"Sucker Boxer," Keith Charles
"Writer's Envy," Marie Hannan-Mandel

"Invoking Ganesh," Joshua Harding (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"Fitcher's Bird," Lauren Sarazen
"A Perfect Match," Holly Phoenix
"Queen Elizabeth," Michael Bland
"The Weighted Wires," Elodie West

"The Late Bloom," Christina Silverio (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"The Barman & the Notebook," Pamela J. Alexander
"Lady Across the River," Moha Mehta
"Lavander," Kelsey Taylor
"Table for Two," Kay Mack

Science Fiction
"Species," Jason Dias (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"How to Write a Story," Annette Kohlmeister
"Into the Maelstrom," Casey Herndon
"98% Graves," Adam Sass
"Pronk," Christopher T. Weismann

"Monday is Winter," Ann Stratton (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"Dolphin Drone," James Grundvig
"Loving Touch," Eve Dyer
"Roundhouse," Jerry Joseph
"The Summer I Was Nine," Reatha Thomas Oakley

Young Adult
"The Ladies of Catville," Jamison Cole McLean (read it here)

Honorable Mentions
"Dulce Et Decorum Est," Joe Vitovec
"8th Grade Gruel," Laura Aversa
"Love at First Book," Sarah Tregay
"Roadside Trinity," Helen Bonner


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