Success Spotlight: Children's App Writer

Graphic novels literally both show and tell a story—and graphic memoirs do the same with truth stepping in for fiction. Debut author Ozge Samanci shares secrets for combining visuals and text.
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We examined the expanding market for children’s lit ("App or e-Book?") in the January 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest (download a copy of the issue now). In this online exclusive, learn how one author brought her interactive tale to life:

Emma Tranter is the author of an award-winning app series about the life cycles of “Parker Penguin,” “Franklin Frog” and other anthropomorphic animal characters. Tranter’s trek into the app world began with her husband drawing cute geometric animals for her on greeting cards, which they decided would be a great fit for children’s books about nature.

“We wrote a draft story … and a pitch document and sent [them] to three publishers,” Tranter says. “Two of the three were interested and one of them suggested we publish in app form rather than print. For our under-6 audience, [an app] made perfect sense.”

Tranter and her husband spent months exploring both app and e-book markets. Then they researched the life cycle of penguins. Her husband drafted illustrations and they thought about interactivity. Then Tranter wrote the story in three sections: narration, speech and actions. They collaborated with publisher Nosy Crow to determine how to produce the most entertaining and educational app possible.

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