Minding Your Story: Who Wants What?

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The Mind of Your Story

Examine your story that you know is not yet in its final form. Now, very quickly, answer these three questions:

  1. Who wants what?
  2. Who are what stands in his/her way?
  3. Does s/he get what s/he wants?

Are you able to answer these questions? Did you struggle with two or three? With which of these questions does your fiction currently begin? Is it the biggest question? If it's not, which is? Can you answer the three questions above with that as your biggest question?

So much of what we write begins with the seed of one idea, but for that idea to fully flower it must be cross-pollinated with many others as well. Working with these questions and answers that make up your plot, to uncover the biggest question, can provide new energy to fiction that has been languishing in your closet. Don't be afraid to start over; it's often where the best fiction begins.