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4 Tips on How to Start Your Self-Promotion

You'll be disappointed if you expect your publisher to throw a lot of marketing dollars behind your book. We share some practical tips on how you can help get out the word.
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If you think that a single phone call to an editor or some signatures on a contract guarantee a best seller, think again. Self-promotion is the key to success in today's publishing world. In the October issue of Writer's Digest, editor and author S. Joan Popek outlines the eight best ways to get your writing the attention it deserves.

Here are four tips on how to start your self-promotion:

1. Forget modesty.
Self-promotion is based on the fact that you believe your work is so good that a lot of other people should read it.

2. Remember your contacts.
Contact the editors you've had previous dealings with, your colleague, your teachers, your friends, relatives, etc. Brag it up.

3. Make contacts.
Join online writers and discussion groups. A couple of good groups to check out are Epic (eclectics.com/epic) and Ardeon (www.ardeon.org).

4. Find yourself a home.
A home page is a must. Don't know how to build one? Most host sites offer templates that even a novice can use successfully. If you can afford it, the easiest way is to hire a Web site builder. Most start under $100.

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