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Lots of cool things happening to update you about (pictured above: a candid shot of me speaking at Midwest Writers in July 2010!).

  • Last week I was a guest speaker on a live teleseminar on memoir, with the NAMW. If you missed it, you can still sign up to get an e-mail announcement when the audio recording is available. Go here.
  • Tomorrow I'm video-chatting with super-smart media consultant Dan Blank! You'll be able to watch our chat for free, at We Grow Media, once he posts it.
  • I'll also be speaking with other Writer's Digest editors at two bookstore events in September: one at Josepth-Beth (Cincinnati) on Sept. 20 (7p), and the other at Books & Co. (Dayton, OH) on Sept. 22 (6p).

New online seminar: Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging
I'm teaching a brand-new seminar for Writer's Digest on how to build visibility and reach to your target audience—whether you're published or not—through a blog. This is a live session on Sept. 16, at 1p EDT. If you can't make the live session, you can also buy the on-demand recording.

What you'll learn:

  • How to develop strategic content for your blog that will benefit your career as an author
  • When and how to post your work-in-progress on your blog or site
  • When and how fiction writers should blog
  • What kinds of blogs attract the attention of editors and agents
  • 5 ways to grow your blog traffic—and how to know when your blog has a visitor count worth talking about
  • The consistent habits and methods of successful bloggers
  • The essential metrics for analyzing your blog's traffic, and how to improve your blog based on visitor data
  • The best blogging platforms to use, and what features really matter

Click here to find out more and register.


On a more inspirational note, I've started an interview series on my personal website that's focused on conversations between mothers and daughters. The first post is an interview with MY mother, talking about what life was like for her at my age. Click here to read "When Mom Was My Age."

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