How to Launch a Well-Paid Writing Career in 60 Days or Less – Free Webinar

You can make a great living as a writer, and still have plenty of time for fun and hobbies.

You just need to know the right steps to take, in the right order.

And Mindy McHorse, professional six-figure copywriter and freelance writer, is the person to teach you …

Mindy went from making $24K in writing fees to six figures in just one year, through trial and error. And over the course of an hour, Mindy shows you only what worked (no error for you!), so that you can follow in her footsteps and launch your own writing business in 60 days or less!

She covers:

• Where to find the REAL money-making opportunities (not the pennies-per-word clients)
• Which experts to follow (and who to ignore)
• How to choose a writing specialty you’ll enjoy for years to come
• How to transition into the world of freelancing safely
• Where you can find help along the way
• How soon you can expect to start earning money
• And what to do first if you’re serious about launching a career as a paid, freelance writer

She even finishes up with tips on how to fit your fiction or nonfiction writing in on the side, and why learning the craft of copywriting can actually help you with your most treasured writing goals.

Mindy McHorse is a freelance copywriter who serves as the Executive Editor for Barefoot Writer Magazine. Mindy was the original Reality Blogger for the Wealthy Web Writer and chronicled her real-life journey of going from $24K to six-figures in just one year as a freelance writer.

With three young children, Mindy considers herself a full-time mom who is lucky enough to make an impressive income on the side. She hails from Albuquerque, NM where she writes with a full mountain view and with her three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels always close by.

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