Secrets of Successful Self Publishers

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When it comes to making more money most self-publishers have seen, heard, and probably DONE it all...

But there are some simple yet also very S.M.A.R.T. steps that you can take that may double or even triple your sales.


On the webinar we are going to cover….

Design: How to design your books in multiple formats for mass distribution. A simple guide on how to create your paperback, eBooks, enhanced eBooks, Audio and Book Apps in just a few hours without spending thousands of dollars in formatting!

Distribution: How to push your content to be accessible on over 25,000 retail channels for less than the cost of most fast food meals! You’ll learn the most important distribution channels you must place your titles on to reach your targeted audience and, the right way to do it to save thousands in distribution costs.

Discovery: How to achieve title discovery and high sales conversions that the most successful self-publishers are getting each month. Learn how to find hungry readers that want to buy and read your books, including a sure fire way to make readers gobble up your titles when they visit your sales page.

Bonus Sneak Preview:

Advanced Amazon Selling Strategies: We will reveal one key strategy some self-publishers have been using to churn out five figures in royalty checks every month from Amazon.

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Colin Scott is Business Development Officer for Speedy Publishing a book lover and writer.