Finding the Right Publishing Path for Your Book

Most writers dream of being signed by a top NY literary agency and immediately getting a book deal from Penguin Random House. While this is not likely to happen, it also isn’t necessarily the ideal publication path for every author.

Not only has self-publishing consolidated itself as a viable alternative, but many in-between and hybrid options have emerged: digital-first and digital-only imprints, hybrid publishers, agent-assisted publishing imprints, and crowdfunding publishers, to name a few. Authors now have more opportunities than ever, but must also be careful to avoid wasting their time and money on scams.

In this webinar, Reedsy co-founder Ricardo Fayet will explore all the options available to authors and help you decide what the best one is for your book.

The webinar includes an extensive Q&A session, where you will have all your questions answered.


Ricardo Fayet is the co-founder of Reedsy, a global network that connects authors and publishers with top editorial, design, marketing and ghostwriting talent. A technology and startup enthusiast, he is fascinated by the role small players will have in building the future of publishing. He is behind the launch of Reedsy’s latest initiative, Reedsy Learning, a series of free mini-courses on writing, publishing, and marketing, taught by Reedsy’s best professionals and delivered to your inbox each day.

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