Build Your Author Platform Online: How to Build a Content-Rich Website that Builds a Massive Fan Base

One of the first questions a publisher asks is, “Do you have a platform?”

In other words, do you have a captive audience of potential buyers? Publishers never want to start at ground zero. They want you to have your own audience of fans, before they say yes to your book idea or manuscript.

Even if you self-publish, you still need an audience of eager book-lovers who are already fans of your writing. And the best way to build that audience is with your own website.

Listen to Nick Usborne – who has created several large audiences from scratch by building content-rich, topic-specific websites.

In this FREE webinar you’ll learn how to move way beyond a regular “author website,” and build a site that is rich with information on your topic, niche or genre, attracts tens of thousands of devoted, ready-to-buy fans, and even makes you a steady stream of passive income on the side!


Nick Usborne is a copywriter, trainer, coach and author of several non-fiction books. In fact, he wrote the first comprehensive guide to the craft of writing online – Net Words, which was published by McGraw Hill in 2001.

Nick has been copywriting for over 35 years and has worked with Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Encyclopedia Britannica, New York Times, Reuters, WebEx, and many other companies and organizations.

In addition to his writing and copywriting work – Nick has earned over $200,000 in passive income by creating topic-specific, content-rich websites on a variety of topics.

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