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Are you creatively “stuck”? Could you use some guidance in taking your script or screenplay to the next level? If so, Final Draft screenwriting software is the answer. Not only is it the number one selling screenwriting software in the world, but it is also endorsed and used by award-winning writers such as Oliver Stone, Tom Hanks, and James Cameron. Final Draft provides you with the right tools and features you need to overcome the obstacles you may face when writing a script, screenplay, or stage play.

Explore Final Draft 9’s Best Features & Tools For Writers

In fact, Final Draft 9 is specifically made and designed for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights and those within the media industry. This bestselling screenwriting software is easy to use. Some of its best features include:

  • Improved Navigator Features. Final Draft 9 Navigator is one of the major upgrades to the latest version, making it easier than ever to organize your story. The new Final Draft 9 Navigator allows you to easily organize and sort through different Scenes, ScriptNotes and Characters’ arcs. Run a filtered search by keyword, create ScriptNotes and General Notes or construct a character’s arc via individual Character Beats attached to particular scenes.
  • Automatic Formatting and Pagination. Once you have written your script or stage play, you don’t have to go back through your finished script or play and worry about formatting each page. When you use Final Draft, it automatically formats and paginates your work to industry standards. This feature can not only save you time, but also can help your work look polished and professional.
  • Built-in Templates. When you purchase Final Draft 9, you’ll have access to hundreds of templates that all types of writers can use. Whether you write for film, television, theater, or in general–you’ll find templates for graphic novels, story structure, outlining, query letters, TV scripts, plays, musicals, and movies.
  • The Panels System. This innovative system allows you to split your screen into separate panels. You’ll be able to see a selected scene as well as view your thoughts and ideas written on virtual index cards. This can make revising your script easier and save you time because you’ll be able to put two different parts of your script side-by-side, and quickly make the necessary edits.
  • ScriptNotes. As with any type of writing project you may have, you’re bound to have new ideas and suggestions to improve your writing. Instead of cluttering a notebook or an online document with your notes, use Final Draft‘s ScriptNotes feature. ScriptNotes store your notes and any deleted fragments for you without taking up space on your screen.
  • Compatible with other software. Not only is it compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, but it also works well with other writing software you may have.

Still have questions?  Watch this free Final Draft demo and see for yourself what Final Draft can do!

Take charge and unleash your writing potential with this essential screenwriting tool. Let Final Draft 9 turn your words into a polished piece of writing you’re proud of!

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