UPCOMING EVENTS: 2 Great Festivals

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Hey, guys--

Whether you're on the east coast or the west coast, I wanted to give you a heads up to a couple cool festivals this weekend.

First, check out the Indepedent Film Festival of Boston, which begins tomorrow, April 23, and runs through next Tuesday, April 29. Seven days of movies, music, and parties!

Secondly... This weekend-- April 26 & 27... MY FAVORITE FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD!... THE LOS ANGELES TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS! For those of you who live in L.A. and have never been... what the hell's wrong with you?? And for those of you who don't live in L.A.... this is why you should move.

If you don't know about the L.A. Times' Festival of Books, it's an annual two-day festival held all over the UCLA campus... where hundreds of authors, booksellers, publishers, and book-lovers congregate to buy and sell books, listen to readings and interviews with authors, and meet and talk to other writers and readers. In short: it's sheer awesomeness.

Plus, each year, they compile an amazing roster of guest speakers and panelists. This year's writers include Harlan Coben, Ray Bradbury, Michael Connelly, Tobias Wolff, Jane Smiley, and TONS of others. There are also countless speeches, seminars, and panels on novels, poetry, journalism, film and TV... and about different genres-- sci-fi, mystery, romance, comedy, you name it.

Leonard Maltin will be hosting "Reinventing Hollywood: The 1960's and Beyond," a panel discussion with Peter Biskind, Mark Harris, and Kenneth Turan. Geoff Boucher is hosting "Comics: Superheroes of the Page & Screen," with Jeph Loeb, Mike Mignola, and Steve Niles. And Ron Hogan hosts "On Page & Screen," with veteran authos/screenwriters Tom Epperson, Mark Frost, Gary David Goldberg, and Chris Miller.

And best of all-- the whole thing is FREE! Totally FREE-- every speaker, ever panel, every guest reader and program... it costs-- ZERO DOLLARS. (You DO have to have tickets to get into some of the popular events, however-- like Ray Bradbury, who-- if you've never seen him-- is an incredible speaker. You can get tickets through the website, and if they're sold out, they often have some available the day of the event.)

Not to mention-- you can browse, peruse, read, or buy more books than you ever thought possible! Come on, people... books, authors, movie-talk, readings, food stands, gorgeous California weather... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE?!

(And, for what it's worth, there will also be a live interview with Valerie Bertinelli-- ex-wife of Eddie Van Halen, greatest rock god on the planet. Sure, she has a new book out, but again-- ex-wife of Eddie Van Halen. HOW COME YOU'R STILL READING THIS?! THIS THING JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER! GET YOUR FREAKING TICKETS ALREADY!)

Anyway, if you're in L.A. or Boston-- or can get to either city easily... take in some great film and literature-- there's no better way to spend a weekend!

Independent Film Festival of Boston - 2008 Trailer