Thanks and goodbye!

Hi Writers,
Just wanted to say a final farewell since I’m leaving WD a little earlier than expected. Thank you so much for your comments, your well wishes and good thoughts and especially for reading this blog. I believe they’ll be ending future postings to The Writer’s Perspective but I’m starting a new blog at next week so please stop by and say hi.

I’ve so enjoyed my time here with you.
Keep Writing,

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13 thoughts on “Thanks and goodbye!

  1. Elizabeth Gilmour

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving since I just got here. Perhaps the new person will edit the intro to this blog. Take out the word "be." All the best.

  2. Tom


    Just wanted to drop in, albeit a bit late, and say that I enjoyed the magazine very much during your tenure. I wish you luck in the future, and I’ll be checking in to see how things go.

  3. Georganna Hancock

    Yes, Maria, thanks for the bread crumb … I’ll certainly be following you, just like a good papparaza!

    And thanks for all your hard work and good posts here, and especially for awarding A Writer’s Edge a spot in your top twenty. It was great while it lasted!

    Good luck in your endeavors.


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