Prompt: Write the #WorstTweet Ever

hashtag1It’s Friday, and that means everyone is ready for the weekend. It also means that many of you are hanging out on Twitter today instead of filing your TPS reports. (Didn’t you get that memo?) Here in the Ohio office, we’re working diligently, as always, but we know that our readers are probably ready for some fun.

We’ve decided to do a prompt here. It’s in two parts, so you can join us on Twitter or leave a comment on this post. No prizes (sorry!), just fun and games. Here goes!

In the comments, write a scene about the fallout from one of the worst tweets ever. Maybe a famous person mistakenly tweets a message meant for a text message. Maybe your elderly grandparent shares mortifying childhood photos of you. Maybe… something else! Go crazy.

Or, use hashtag #WorstTweet on Twitter to share the most embarrassing, horrible, no good, very bad tweet you can dream up. Have fun, but try not to end up as a character in someone else’s worst tweet scenario.


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