The Value of Experimentation

Tales of Risk and Rebirth

I’ve recently come to know and appreciate Brad King‘s work, both as an innovative media professional, as well as a university professor.

So I’ve been keeping an eye on a project that he and his talented students have launched: The Invictus Writers.

There’s a lot to say about it, but—in brief—for the first volume, each contributor has written a personal essay about the moment in their lives when everything changed as they moved into adulthood. Along the way, they’ve tinkered with a few elements of publishing as well.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Soon they’ll release an EPUB edition that will retail for $4.99.
Now I’d like to point out some things they did NOT do:
  • They did not wait for permission to collaborate.
  • They did not wait for someone to pay them to do or write what they cared about.
  • They did not query editors or agents asking for approval.
  • They did not look for a publisher to do what they could do very well on their own.
  • They did not wait to be discovered.
  • They did not angst over putting their work online.
  • They did not limit themselves to one format or channel.
  • They did not wait to learn everything first. They’re experimenting and learning as they go.

I hope you get my meaning.

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3 thoughts on “The Value of Experimentation

  1. frannk

    Dear Ms Friedman,
    The articles, opinions and advises how to, how not to, not to give up, to believe in yourself and your work, the success stories and smiles, it means very little to nothing at all, until you make it. The nice magazine covers, promotional and advertising efforts, handsome paychecks and featured reviews in ‘important’ publications also don’t mean much to those who tried all their lives and failed every time. Not because they didn’t try enough, worked hard and smart enough, study and improve. But because society rejected them despite all their efforts to be decent. To never give up even in the face of complete certainty that a person is unwanted despite being mentally and physically healthy, is simply stupid. There is cut off line when you say ‘I had enough’, turn around and disappear long before it’s your time to pass away.

  2. KJHovanec

    Dear Jane,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our book and website. It was an incredible experience having the opportunity to write about the points in our lives where we changed for the better (our tipping points). The process was long and hard, but it could not have been done if it wasn’t for Brad’s guidance and the intense amount of work from each and every writer. As we move into Invictus Round 2 and get a new crop of writers, I cannot wait to see more students and the stories they will tell. As you once said “The story of your life IS your life.”

    Once again, thank you

    Kyle Hovanec

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