UPDATED! Success Stories – Gotta love ’em


No sooner had I written the post below than I received a number of great reports, some of which I’ve noted elsewhere. The one I received today comes from Sheri Graz who reports that her story, “Last Call,” just won the mysterious photograph contest in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. It’s on newsstands now if you want to check it out – the July/August issue.  This is her first story in print, so congrats to Sheri!


Hey everyone,

I sent an email the other day to our VIP members and asked them to forward their success stories to me. I did this because I’d also announced some recent successes with our own editors, including Brian Klems, who recently secured his first agent, and Chuck Sambuchino, whose second book with Running Press will be pubbing in the very near future. I figured you all have your own stories, so why not share them with the community?

I’ve received several responses already. Jacquie Galvin sent a note stating that her book, A Tease of Murder, is gaining a following as well as a groundswell of support to produce a second volume in the mystery series. She notes that book signings have been very important to this success, as have radio interviews. And in the latest issue of Writer’s Digest, we spotlight Dianne Warren, Nichole Bernier, and Natalie Bakopoulos, all of whom are celebrating the publication of their first novels.

If you have a writing-related success story of your own that you’d like to share, why not post it below and let the rest of the community know about it?

Keep writing!


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