Stranger-Than-Fiction Writing Habits of 18 Famous Writers

Sometimes the muse works in mysterious ways. These well-known writers prove that when it comes to writing, thinking outside the box—and in the case of Vladimir Nabokov’s “shoebox method,” quite literally so—can provide the richest inspiration.

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This infographic is courtesy of Natasha Smyth of Global English Editing. Visit them online at or on Twitter @geediting.

Baihley Grandison is the assistant editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about writing (Team Oxford Comma!), food (HUMMUS FOR PRESIDENT, PEOPLE), and Random Conversations With Her Mother.

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2 thoughts on “Stranger-Than-Fiction Writing Habits of 18 Famous Writers

  1. Sissy Mansouri

    I really only found one writer who’s writing habits I would like to try and that would be author Steven King. Adverbs are a pain in the ass. I shall try his quirk. Thank you Steven. Sissy Mansouri

  2. MichaelEdits

    As you try on the habits and methods of others in order to find out which ones work for you, there’s no reason you can switch from book to book or even in the middle of a book. Whatever it takes. Never stop experimenting and learning.


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