Logos, Brands, and Does It Really Matter?

By Rob Eagar

Logos, brands, taglines, slogans…what’s the difference? Some authors think that having a logo means they have a brand. But, these are separate entities. Your brand is a phrase that communicates the value of your books. You could also call it a tagline or slogan. In contrast, a logo is artwork that you use to make your name and brand look aesthetically-pleasing in public. Do you need both? Not necessarily. It’s more important that readers know your value than seeing fancy graphics that look nice. Thus, a brand is essential while a logo is optional.

However, the image that you present to the world greatly affects your credibility and appeal. If your marketing materials look homemade, some people will question your reputation and bypass your books. It’s okay to be homemade as long as you don’t look homemade.

If you want a nice-looking logo to complement your brand, hire a professional graphic artist to do it right. By shopping around, you can usually find a qualified designer to fit any budget. Just be sure to review their portfolio, contact a few references, and verify the quality of their work.

When you choose a graphic artist, explain your brand and the results that you create for your readers. Tell the designer that you want the artwork to integrate the value of your brand. List the various tools where your logo will appear, such as business cards, website headers, newsletters, bookmarks, postcards, book covers, etc.

Ask your graphic artist to design a logo and use text fonts that communicate your value in a positive manner and matches your personality. The end result should be artwork that looks appealing, boosts your credibility, and creates a seamless connection when used with all of your marketing materials. A logo is not a brand. But, a brand can be enhanced with a professional logo. 

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About the Author

Rob Eagar is the founder of WildFire Marketing, a consulting practice that helps authors and publishers sell more books and spread their message like wildfire. He has assisted numerous New York Times bestselling authors and is author of the new book, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire. Find out more about Rob’s advice, products, and coaching services for authors at: www.startawildfire.com 


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