5 Free E-Books Every Writer Needs

The following resources have been mentioned on this blog, in various forms, since 2008. Now I’m rounding them up in 1 place. [Some links corrected/added on 5/31/11.]

1. 70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes by Bob Mayer. A fabulous resource from an experienced novelist. It comes in two parts because the file is so big. Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2.

2. 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau. If you dream of being a full-time writer, this is the e-book for you! About 11,000 words of fabulous advice.

3. How to Write a Great Query Letter by literary agent Noah Lukeman. Lukeman is the author of several fabulous how-to books, including The First Five Pages. This free one on queries will not disappoint.

4. What Publishers Want: An Author’s Guide by Greenleaf Book Group. The good people at Greenleaf have made this brief guide available to beginning writers who are just getting into the writing and publishing game.

5. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide: How to Market Any Book for Free. This gem just came out this past month. An excellent starting resource. [Click here to view all possible formats for download.]

Do you have any favorite e-book resources I’ve missed? Let me know in
the comments!

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20 thoughts on “5 Free E-Books Every Writer Needs

  1. Fiona Leonard

    I am starting to think that one of the best things about self publishing is that it has forced me to take 100% responsibility for my novel. I look at the product that I was marketing to agents initially, compared to what I have now and the two are miles apart. Ditto with the marketing materials I now have and am working to create. When you are focused on getting an agent or a publisher there is a lurking sense that the agent/publisher will tell you what needs to be fixed. With self publishing there can be no such excuses!

    I love too that s/p also gives the opportunity to improve – to respond to feedback and improve your product and message. Sure it would be nice to have it perfect the first time, but if it’s not you don’t need to throw yourself on the pyre!

    This is a fantastic list of resources – must reads at all stages of the writing and publishing process. Thank you!

  2. Tammy Keys

    A great little book that provides an exercise that helps you go back and fix something your stalled with. Builds confidence in what your doing and ends the procrastination. Gets 5 stars by most – Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris – ebook $4.99


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