Listen Free: The Future of Authorship & Publishing

Yesterday, I was a guest on The Best People We Know Show with Deb Scott, on BlogTalkRadio. It’s already ranked #4 in popularity in the writing category.

Listen for free (for 45 minutes) as we discuss:

  • Current trends in the publishing industry
  • The first baby steps you should take to develop your platform
  • The importance of patience and persistence
  • How to determine when it’s time to pursue self-publishing, and what it takes to succeed

Note: The show will start playing once you click on this link, but it will be prefaced by an ad. So wait for the show after the ad!

This weekend, I’m the keynote at the Writer’s League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference in Austin. If you’ll be there, I hope you’ll say hello!

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3 thoughts on “Listen Free: The Future of Authorship & Publishing

  1. scieditor

    I started jotting tips down to quote you in tweets. Either I just need to point new and intermediate writers here, or I have tweets lined up for the next few weeks.

    What lovely and wise advice you gave.

    To the twittersphere!

  2. Robin Sullivan

    Great interview – I’ve already retweeted. I think you are right on the money about the digitization of books and that self-publishing is really going to be effecting traditional publisher as it offers a new option that will compete for and against what has been the dominate player.

    I do believe, as you do, that neither is right or wrong, good or bad, it depends on what you are looking for and the more educated you are on what each ones have to offer the better you can determine which way to go.

    I do think that traditional publishing will have to adjust their thinking. The royalty percentages on ebooks, non-compete clauses that limit authors future writings, and a marketing strategy that concentrated on store buyers and not readers are all things they MUST address, and the ones that do will come out winners.


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