8 iPhone Apps to Grow & Connect With Audience

Last summer, I did a post on Ultimate iPhone Apps: 30+ Productivity and Creativity Boosts. In a few months, I’ll update that list, but first, I’d like to share specific iPhone apps that can help you market, promote, and grow your audience.

I’m dividing the apps into 2 categories:

  • Key Tools. These are core apps that just about everyone uses to stay on top of online marketing as well as live events/conferences.
  • Branch Out and Experiment. If you bring a little creativity and imagination to these apps to share your story/message, you might become the next marketing wonder.


WordPress. If you have a WordPress-based blog, this app is a streamlined way to post or adjust pages.

TweetDeck. This is my favorite app for using Twitter on my phone. You can sync it with desktop TweetDeck so that you don’t have to rebuild columns or settings.

Facebook. The mobile version of the site works well, too, but there are more features on the app.

FourSquare. This is my favorite app for “checking in” to places/locations. I only friend people I know very well—thus, I have about 25 friends on FourSquare—but most are not in Cincinnati. (Many of my colleagues live in NYC!) FourSquare is an enormously helpful app when attending large events where you have a number of colleagues in attendance.


Instagram. This is a photo-sharing app, and you can “follow” people’s photos and post your own. I love how Instagram gives me a glimpse into all corners of the world. As for my use, I’m primarily uploading 2 things: pictures of my cat and poems. (But you can catch my stream at Instagrid.me without being a user.) Here’s a question for you: How could you use Instagram to tell a new story every month (through the use of 1 picture per day)? Or tell a story over the course of a year?

Broadcastr. I just covered this new app a couple days ago, but it definitely already belongs on this list. For any writer obsessed with place, this app should really speak to you. Go forth and record stories!

AudioBoo. Imagine podcasting directly from your phone. This is the app for that! You can link it to Twitter and other platforms, and make your recordings available for subscription through iTunes. Awesomeness.

UStream Live Broadcastr. This app allows you to stream video live, right from your iPhone. Perfect for streaming interviews live from an event!

So that’s MY list. How about you? What apps have been critical in your online marketing or platform growth?

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