SAD NEWS: Blake Snyder Passes On

Hey, everyone–

If you haven’t heard, I wanted to let you all know some very sad news… one of film’s most amazing teachers and writers, Blake Snyder, passed away yesterday.  He died in his home of cardiac arrest.  Blake is best known as the author of the incredible Save the Cat books, which helped thousands upon thousands of screenwriters do their best work.

Here’s a link to his website, where fans are posting words of sorrow and condolences…

And another link to Dennis Willis‘s remembrance in last night’s San Francisco Examiner

Blake will be greatly missed, and the art and craft of screenwriting has lost a true leader, mentor, and champion…

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3 thoughts on “SAD NEWS: Blake Snyder Passes On

  1. Camille

    I was so shocked to hear this. "Save the Cat" was one of those books that you pick up and glance at, and you learn something from every single sentence your eye lands on.

    I’d heard what a generous teacher he was, and I had been looking forward to taking a workshop from him. This is so sad.

  2. Matt Chan

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to his site last night. I had been catching up on all his blog entries, which are just brimming with insight and inspiration, when I took my dog on a walk.

    As I walked her, I was thinking about what I would say one day when I become successful myself in the screenwriting craft. I thought about who I would thank for being so kind and gracious to the little people. Wonderful people like Blake and of course Chad came to mind.

    I got back home, went straight back to his site, and saw the most breathtaking headline I could have possibly fathomed.

    Blake, I miss you already. We all do. The screenwriting profession, and the world, lost one of its very best.