Write Your Next Screenplay… on the iPad

I’ll be honest, folks… for weeks, I haven’t been sure what the big deal about the iPad is.  But having seen it and played with a little, I gotta admit… it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Having said that, one of the drawbacks for screenwriters is that there isn’t (yet) any professional screenwriting software for the iPad.  Final Draft and Black Manna have programs coming out, but in the mean time… what’s a screenwriter to do?

Well, leave it to my good friends and great TV producers Biagio Messina and Joke Fincioen to come up with an answer.  (Yes, this seems like me plugging them… and I am.  J & B are good friends, but they’re also total geniuses… Biagio can make a Mac do things Steve Jobs doesn’t even know it can do.)

They’ve come up with a Pages ’09 template that allows you to write screenplays on the iPad… and is way better than the template provided with the actual program.  (Plus, the original Pages screenplay template isn’t even available for the iPad!)

Here’s a link to Biagio’s post about how to use the template…

How to Write a Screenplay on the iPad

And here’s a little how-to video tutorial… hope it helps!…

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4 thoughts on “Write Your Next Screenplay… on the iPad

  1. Tim

    Chad, thanks for the great post on the ipad. Like Dana, I really love when you get into the technique of writing.

    BUT, I also think it’s just as important for a writer to know what tools are out there for creation and distribution. What the final form of delivery is (i.e. an ipad) can play a huge roll in how we craft our stories. Ignoring what’s happening with content distribution severely limits our opportunities as writers. And not being up on the latest trends in content creation, can also equally hamstring us.

    Walking into a pitch meeting with a notebook, while your competition is showcasing a multi-media presentation, is like bringing a sling shot to a gun fight.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the one holding the sling shot.

    Thanks for keeping me informed, Chad

  2. dana

    My favorite posts on your blog are the ones where you talk about the actual art of writing. The one about two and a half men was good. And I liked when you talked about copying a favorite episode, that’s a technique I enjoy.

    I am not particularly interested in the iPod or technology in general. Even the business side of writing is flooded. Hardly anybody online anywhere talks about the art of writing. Please do more of that.

    Thank you



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