Where Can Authors Find Contract Forms?

Q: My co-author and I have been asked to provide a collaboration agreement to our agent.‑ Where can‑we find a template for creating this document?—Michele

A: Templates for author contracts can be found in Tad Crawford’s Business and Legal Forms for Authors and Self-Publishers (Allworth Press). It’s a great resource for finding all the legal forms an author could need, including a co-authoring contract. The book comes with a CD for your computer that has all the forms on it. Plus, by reading over the other contracts available, you’ll have a better sense of all the rights/topics you and your writing partner need to discuss.  

Brian A. Klems is the online managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine.

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0 thoughts on “Where Can Authors Find Contract Forms?

  1. Taryn Yates

    I am interested in reviewing books but don’t know where to look or whom to ask about it. Do you know where I could find this information or whom to talk to?


  2. Jason

    I’m just starting my website. I want to post my work on it in downloadable PDF format, so my family and friends can read it, as well as anyone interested in representing me, etc. I don’t know the legal implications (or the industry blowback) of doing this.

    Do publishers or agents frown on free downloads on a website? Should I only post chapters?

    Obviously I’d take the free download offline if one of my books got picked up, I just want to know if an agent I gave my website would be pleased or pissed.


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