11 Web Comics for Writers: Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes we have to look outside of our usual medium to find the motivation we need to get the words on the page—or to just feel like someone else “gets it.” These web comics for writers perfectly illustrate what it feels like to be a writer, from the moment of inspiration to pitching your work and getting published. Be sure to click the links below each comic to see more work by each of these great artists.

1. For when you’re trying to figure out how to get started:

Comic by Guy Kopsombut at 4amShower.

2. For when you’re wondering how other writers get to be so good:

Comic by Sarah Andersen.

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3. For when you’re stuck in the dreaded middle of your novel:

Comic by Ramin Nazer.

4. For when you’re wondering whether it’s too late to get started:

Comic by Tonci Zonjic at To-Zo.com.

5. For when you’re feeling pressured to outdo your predecessors:

Comic by Gojko Franulic at Sephko.

6. For when you just can’t figure it out:

Comic via Pictures in Boxes.

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7. For when you’re trying to perfect your manuscript:

Comic by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics and Jon Acuff.

8. For when you’re trying to decide how to fill your day:

Comic by Elvin Dantes.

9. For when you’re seeking your nom de plume:

Another great comic by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics. (If you want more web comics for writers, Grant has a wealth of them on his site.)

10. For when we need the courage to leave our comfort zone and experience something new.

Comic by Justin Boyd at Invisible Bread.

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11. And of course… For when you’re wondering whether anyone will read your work:

Comic by Steve Ogden on Magnificatz.

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