Staying True to Yourself in Publishing

As part of the fun and literary madness of our September 2010 Big 10 issue, we convinced memoirist extraordinaire Wade Rouse to send us a list of his Top 10 Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Publishing. A few of his (hilarious) points make up today’s installment of the Top 20 Tips From WD in 2010 series (and a regular prompt follows). Only two more to go. Believe in the voice!

No. 3: Staying True
Be Funny, Honey! I used to worry (and read) that humor writing was too subjective to be successful. But I realized that—besides great hair, a wicked arch and a penchant for spending my Roth IRA on lip shimmer—humor was really the only thing I had going for me. Don’t ever doubt your voice.”

Look like your author shot. Seriously. If you have to crop out LBJ, or Photoshop in a full collar on that Nehru jacket, it’s time for a new photo. When you show up looking nothing like you did when you were 25, your fans will consider you a sellout.”

Heed The Advice of My Mentors, My Mom and Erma Bombeck. I once sang ‘Delta Dawn’ in a rural middle school talent contest to a gym filled with Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn look-alikes who all laughed into their cowboy hats. My mom told me after it was over, ‘You were true to yourself. And that can only lead to happiness.’ She bought me a journal and introduced me to Erma’s column. I will forever have two Midwestern moms who taught me, as Erma once said,  ‘Laughter rises out of tragedy, when you need it most, and rewards you for your courage.’ So laugh. Write. Be true to yourself. Happiness will follow and reward you for your courage.”

—Wade Rouse, September 2010 (click here to check the full issue out, which also features Top 10 lists from Chuck Palahniuk, Jodi Picoult, Erik Larson, Sherman Alexie and Karin Slaughter)


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As the snow melted, he discovered a chunk of a lost past.

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3 thoughts on “Staying True to Yourself in Publishing

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  2. Eileen McNeal

    "Snow Day"

    It was Monday morning. Another week of school was beginning. I
    snuggled down underneath my blanket. It was January and freezing out.
    There was even a little nip in my room. I opened one eye and scanned
    the window. It looked all white out. Oh, no could it be snowing?
    Double trouble, Monday morning and now snow. Now I could smell bacon
    frying and my mother calling me to get up.
    I struggled tiredly out of bed and carried my clothes
    downstairs where it was warmer. My mom had turned the radio on and
    they were announcing school closings. Our school never closed though.
    I stared glumly at my breakfast.
    "If you don’t get a move on," my mom said, "you’ll be late."
    "Mom, can I just go back to bed. You can call me in sick."
    "You can’t afford to miss any more days," she said just as they
    announced all Easton area schools closed.
    I leaped to the table and downed my breakfast in minutes. Already the
    phone was ringing, my friends, "what should we do today?’"
    "I thought you were so tired," said my mother as she watched me
    throwing on my clothes.
    "Are you kidding?" I said. "No school. We’re going to have fun."
    When my friends arrived, they had plans. Most of the schools
    were closed, but there were a few die hards who decided to remain
    open. Our group voted to visit the schools still open and gloat.
    The first school we went was just starting lunch hours. The
    students watched us capering up and down the halls with malice. We
    continued our show until a couple of grim faced teachers ushered us
    out. After enjoying ourselves immensely in our ticking off exhibit,
    we journeyed on to the next school. After angering as many students
    and a few teachers as we could, we returned home. We all went to my
    friend’s house as her parents were working. We slopped up the kitchen
    making cheeseburgers and french fries and then played Black Jack for
    two hours.
    Just about that time American Band Stand came on and we all
    settled down to watch our favorite dancers. Outside the sun came out
    and the the snow was melting furiously. Knowing that the snow would
    be gone tomorrow, we went out to throw some snowballs before it was
    all gone. After the four of us had assembled our piles, we cast a
    barrage of snow at each other until we were all soaked, cold, and
    covered in snow. What a wonderful snow day.
    I convinced the gang to come to my house where my mom served us
    hot cocoa and cookies and we watched I Dream Of Jeanie.
    "Could someone take this garbage out for me," yelled my mom
    from the kitchen.
    "Maybe later, mom, I’m really tired ," I said.


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