Your Responses: The texts that made her laugh, made him cry, and changed things forever

The fictional thumbs have done their QWERTY roving, causing their fair share of both tears and laughter. As for those texters who took part in our prompt text challenge, the names of all the authors went into the Promptly 10-gallon hat, and one emerged via random drawing to receive some WD interoffice swag books–Chris Deaton. (Chris, when you get a free moment, can you e-mail your address to me at writersdigest [at]

Chris’ response to the challenge—”Write the text message that made her laugh, made him cry, and changed things permanently”—is below, followed by a few others. For the rest of the stirring lot, click here.

A regular Promptly prompt follows. Thanks to everyone who took part—the swag towers on my desk are beginning to teeter again, too, so expect a similar short-form drawing soon …


Ur bros flight was early. No worries if u r working late 2night. He said he had menottes 2 share b4 u came. Sounds yummy. Hope they r not fattening. Love his french accent 2! XOXO
(Chris Deaton)

I’m sorry. I can’t come home. Not with Sonny gone. Give Manny a kiss for me.
(Jeremy Corter)

U want my honey and I’m Winnie the Pooh. But I’m not as generous. Ur a heffalump and a woozle. I’m a bear who can’t share.
(Nathan Honoré)

Just got done at the doctors. We need to go back to the store and double up on everything. We’re having twins. Love you.
(Amy Kessler)

Handcuffs, or menottes, illustration by Abu badali, via Wikimedia Commons.


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He stared and stared, all through their dinner. And then, as they were leaving, he approached.

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One thought on “Your Responses: The texts that made her laugh, made him cry, and changed things forever

  1. Joyce Jordan

    He stared and stared, all through their dinner. And then, as they were leaving, he approached. As Donovan neared the table from across the room his eyes widened; how could this be? It could not be her; she had died when he was a young boy; his father had told him so. Despite the fact that there was never a funeral, she was dead. A car accident; yet for years something gnawed at him about her death and Donovan often found himself looking around for her. Still, this woman; he had to move forward for a closer look. As Donovan reached the table he paused and uttered but one word, mom?

    Kate was an attractive woman in her forties though she could have passed as Donovan’s sister. Even seated you could see that she still had an attractive figure. The years had been kind to Kate, skin still smooth as silk with a youthful glow. As she turned her head upwards to look at him Donovan remembered the twinkle of her blue eyes and how they seemed to dance.

    Kate had not noticed him from across the diner nor had she noticed as Donovan had approached, but she would have recognized his voice anywhere. It was the voice of her son; t he son who had been taken from her by her very wealthy and very powerful husband, Alexander Peyton.

    Kate had seen Donovan on many occasions far from his view. At twenty-two Donovan had grown to be a handsome man. He was tall and lean, with the build of a well-toned athlete. His hair was the same beautiful honey blonde as his mothers, and he possessed the same blue eyes that Kate had. And yes, his eyes they danced, danced as Kate’s once had.

    Looking into her son’s face Kate could hardly contain herself, with tears flowing from her eyes all she said was yes. But …but…Donovan did not know what to say. There was a long pause as mother and son embraced when Donovan asked the magic question, where have you been and why did you leave? Sit down Donovan and I will explain.

    Your father as you know is a powerful man. I caught him cheating on me and I was going to leave him. I waited until he was out one night; I had all my bags packed and yours too. Your father came home early and caught us. He didn’t care if I left, but he was not going to let me take you, his only son, his heir. Alex banished me from the estate and threatened to have me committed if I tried to get custody of you. Alex was too powerful wealthy for me to fight. Donovan knew this was true, he knew who his father was as well as his father’s wrath.

    Donovan stretched out his hand toward Kate; there were smiles and unspoken words between them. Both Kate and Donovan knew that tonight was a new beginning for mother and son.


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