Monday Matchup Writing Challenge: Valentine's Day Edition

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Write a story featuring an unexpected first date, an allergy, and a foot stool.

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(Image: Wapcaplet, via Wikimedia Commons)

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6 thoughts on “Monday Matchup Writing Challenge: Valentine's Day Edition

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  4. Danita Lease

    "Oh for cryin out loud, you’re sick again?"

    "No, Kate, it’s my allergies…"

    "Well, you don’t have an allergy to having a good time do you? We have your favorite Irish

    cream and some nice hot coffee to go with it! Mike even baked brownies! I won’t like you

    anymore if you don’t come over!"

    "Alright Kate, can’t have that, see you in a minute."

    I grabbed my jacket, stuffed kleenex into the pocket and headed over. The terrain between

    our homes can be treacherous, armadillos dig deep, ankle breaking holes into the earth every

    night and while training my flashlight on the overgrown lawn in order to make my way, I

    didn’t notice the massive spider web, solid, sturdy and sporting a large furry fellow, who

    flew into my face as I became hopelessly coated in its’ evening’s labor.

    The neighbors laughter grew to bladder bursting levels as they sat at the fire enjoying the

    show I presented, starting with a scream at boiling teakettle pitch, accompanied by my dance

    to remove the spider and the web. The spider, I knew, would soon be at my jugular, taking my

    blood, and sucking my brains out via my eyesockets.

    This was how I made my first impression with Todd, my new neighbor who was also invited to

    the bonfire. He must have looked at the insanely insane female and said to himself, "Now

    that’s the girl for me! But how to get her attention?" Ha, little did he know.

    Kate, truly a good neighbor, was there and rushed over to help me out of my silken bonds of

    terror. She was screaming with me, as she helped me off with my jacket the spider was

    clinging to. The spider disappeared into the night, the night that embraces the creature

    that the night belongs to.

    After three helpings of Irish cream, my post traumatic stress had relaxed a bit, seated on a

    footstool near the fire, I fell backwards into soggy mud when the neighbor boy brushed by me

    using his hand to simulate a spider in my hair. The boy was far too young for me to take my

    revenge, but he would grow, yes, and someday would be old enough for his day of repayment-

    as God as my witness.

    Another child, no doubt a good pal of the boy who thinks nothing of terrifying an

    acquaintance, who was toasting marshmallows over the fire, spun around to laugh at

    the other boy’s prank on me. In doing so, his gooey molten hot sugar blob broke free of the stick it was

    perched on, and flew into Todd’s face. Every adult in the vicinity ran to Todd, I got there first and as I had

    several snot soaked kleenex still in my pocket, (I was trying to make them last) I removed most of the molten goo from

    this suddenly very handsome man’s face.

    Todd was such a good sport, burned and taken aback, he offered his opinion to the mother of

    the goo flinging child that it was just an accident, and yes, he would be fine and no, the

    child did not have to mow his lawn for him for the next year.

    Kate brought over a real chair for me, and some aloe for Todd. We spent the rest of the

    evening talking to each other non-stop. We’ve been together for twenty four years to this

    day, (and no, I never did take revenge on the now grown child who pranked me). Recalling the first spark of romance at

    the soggy-bottom-spider-stomp-flaming-goo and snot bonfire never fails to remind us love does truly work in odd ways.

  5. Leslie Reum

    My husband Glenn and I had been married for 13 years. I had met Glenn through my grandmother, Maryann and her second husband Roy. Glenn was his youngest son. Roy had ran a Ready Mix in Lake County, Mt for some years, and Glenn grew up in the concrete business, and became a concrete finisher.
    This was Glenn and I’s second marriage, and we both had two children each, a boy and girl from previous marriages. We started out living in a trailer with him working for a friend in the concrete business, and in 1994 we went out on our own, got our first home through FHA.
    We built a beautiful home and shop in 1999 on property we bought, and ran a succesful concrete construction business. Because of our inner twined marriage we had close family ties between his family and mine, and enjoyed many happy family times.
    Our marriage had the normal strains from life, and from being owners of a busy company. We employed family, such as, his eldest son, Jeremiah, and my eldest son, Joseph, my brother inlaw Dale, our son in-law Mike, and my nephew Daniel. We had two crews running all the time and were very busy. His father had died in 1997 which devastated the family and brought problems between the family’s grown children, and I took on the responsiblity of looking out for my grandmother through these years, and in 2002 I had decided I wanted to become a writer in the midst of my busy life.
    My husband had problems in his past with drugs, but he’d been clean and sober for ten years, but alcohol crept in, along with the occassional joint. I had not thought too much of it, because he worked hard and desevered to relax. I’d thought we had a strong marriage, and that we’d came along ways in our life with what we’d built together, and thought we had a close family life.
    Febuary 14th 2004, on that night he took me out to a nice dinner at a popular resturant in town, and we came home and watched the Note Book, we cried together and spoke of how we would grow old together, and watch our grandchildern grow up. It was a very emotional night, I’d thought in my heart of hearts. I was proud of our love, and our lives and what we had accomplished together.
    It was five nights later that I had found out he was having an affair with one of our former employees younger girl friend. My heart was devastated to say the least, and I was shocked at how five days after the beautiful valentines we’d spent had really ment nothing. My heart was crushed, and I’d felt like I’d lived through a death. That summer in June we divorced, but the care taker that I am I went back.
    We tried getting everything back on track, counseling, along with help from a church member. I felt responsible for our company, as I was our secretary, and we employed family members. My mind was always on holding everything together, for the best of our family and business.
    The following year in 2005, we shared another Valentines, and to my dismay he’d found another woman to have a affair with, a year to the same date, five days after valentines. I struggled along trying to not feel so damned angery. I forgave again, and we had remarried in May, a double wedding with my daughter in Las Vegas. It was actually a beautiful day for reuniting our vows of love and forgiveness.
    I’d became a grandmother in November, my daughter went through a stressful pregnancy, which I helped her through, along with my grandmothers worsening heath conditions. That December my grandmother died which added to my heartbreak and misery,as I loved my grandmother dearly and was her favorite grandaughter, but she got to see her great, great grandaughter and we got to have a five generation picture taken of all us girls together. My emotions were running a muck with me through all this too say the least. Surpressed anger, and suffering loss time and again.
    2006 I struggled for sanity as his addictions became worse with cocaine use. His behavior becoming crazier, rantings, and accusations. The roller coaster ride making me more sick, and myself esteem crumbled into nothing. My heart and mind struggled for love, and belife in love, which faded into anger and hurt as his denial became worse and worse.
    Finally in October of 2006 I released myself from the bonds of feeling responsible for him, his addictions, and of our business. The horrific roller coaster ride came to a stop, and I weakly kept myself going on wobbly legs. I left the marriage with almost next to nothing, only wanting my sanity back. Oh the anger was incrediable, and I fought with myslef for feeling hateful things, guilt ate at me often.
    I have struggled with the hurt from our loss, and have watched him lose our home and his business through these past four years. I remarried in 2009, and I am thankful for finding a new love, but valentines will never be the same for me in my head and heart. The scares, I hope will eventually leave me and heal over. So today, I find myself reluctantly visiting in the past, and try to not let myself feel melencholy.


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