Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 508

Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a celebration poem.

For today’s prompt, write a celebration poem. Some people find something to celebrate every day of the year. Others save their celebrations for special occasions. Still others refrain from celebrating at all. Regardless of your persuasion, this week’s prompt implores you to weigh in on celebrations in one way or another.


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Here’s my attempt at a Celebration Poem:

“football season”

i know many who criticize
players who do a celebration
after every sack and catch
or even after interceptions

but i believe it’s all in fun
when they act like happy clowns
especially when they do a dance
after each and every touchdown

32 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 508

  1. Avatarheadintheclouds87

    The Ones Who Stayed

    I look at the faces
    Gathered around me now,
    The ones who’ve remained
    Through winds of change
    And storms clouding my way,
    Knowing I should cherish them
    And vow to keep them within
    This ever decreasing circle.

    After all, age shows us the loyal
    And exposes fleeting associations
    For their hollow one-sided nature
    That claimed precious time and sanity.
    With the dust now settled,
    The ones still by my side
    Smile and celebrate with me tonight,
    My enduring companions in life.

    They raise a glass with me
    To good times that have been
    And memories yet to be made,
    Pledging to offer time and listening ear
    When life pushes us to the limit,
    But also to share simple mirth
    In the space afforded to us
    Within life’s increasing demands.

  2. AvatarMarie Wayne

    In a prisoner’s cell, six feet by eight,
    bitter herbs, a piece of apple, and a hunk of meat,
    are ingredients gathered for a festal meal.
    Though it is lonely and sad, this prisoner’s celebration has never been quite so real.

    The taste of the herbs makes him sputter and spew.
    For an instant, he wishes he wasn’t a Jew.
    From Pharaoh’s heavy hand to Hitler’s death camps,
    The bitter wickedness of man has sought to kill the Jew and put out their lamps

    A bite of the apple is a welcome relief
    Its sweetness reminds of the end which is sure – when wickedness makes a hasty retreat
    And Yahweh redeems His people from the jaws of the foe.
    This prisoner now remembers, rejoices, and holds his head high, not low

    The savory meat is roasted and charred,
    The pure Lamb brings healing with its scars.
    From family, comfort, and freedom his persecutors have forced separation
    This prisoner will not forsake Yahweh and His Passover celebration.

  3. AvatarJane Shlensky

    A Gathering of Friends

    No family nearby,
    I decide to invite
    a few friends for dinner.
    The few with no one nearby
    swells to another two or three,
    then five more, then
    I count available chairs,
    stack plates of many sorts,
    add table sections
    and sundry dishes
    to the menu, eyeing
    each room for comfort.

    Celebration stretches
    the parameters of my mind,
    in every pot and bowl
    a new reason to nourish
    the good fortune made clear
    in a gathering of friends.

  4. Avatarconnielpeters


    December twenty-eighth’s a special day
    The day I birthed one of my greatest joys
    And though you are five hundred miles from home
    I’ll celebrate the gift you are to me

    I sent a card with all that I can say
    And there won’t be celebratory noise
    And there won’t be cake, candles, and ice cream
    But I will think of each glad memory

    The wide-eyed girl who spoke in high-pitched voice
    The long-haired teen who liked to play the flute
    The college student with the perfect grades
    My life-long friend who holds that fun is key

    And so I’ll think of you and truly pray
    Lord, greatly bless her with all she enjoys

  5. Avatargrcran

    celebration of two elements

    saw flying fish show spunk grand jump kerplunk
    uncluttering wings flutter in thin air
    then when in water fin and flashing tail
    we celebrate the joy shown us by him
    so fast and sleek unique for flight or swim

    gpr crane

  6. Avatarwritinglife16


    I am not the least
    bit sentimental about
    snow on Christmas Day.
    Nature’s frozen artwork is
    best viewed in front of a fire.

  7. AvatarDaniel Paicopulos

    A New Year Approaches

    December 31
    is so arbitrary,
    yet nostalgia rules.

    I’m leaving behind
    what does not serve me,
    doesn’t fit 2020.

    I’m grateful, 2019,
    for every door that opened,
    for every one that was closed.

    I value my mind,
    but I am following my heart
    in the new year.

    When I want more,
    I will give thanks for what I have.
    It’s a fair price to pay.

    Preparing for what’s next,
    knowing I am beating against time,
    hoping I am ready.

    In 2020, as in every year,
    only one question matters.
    Will one work for peace?

  8. AvatarAnthony94

    Light’s Slow Return

    Two days now into celebrating
    Winter Solstice when days lengthen
    by mere minutes as daylight
    creeps slowly back onto the land

    Although snow will blanket pastures
    winter has lost its sting with this
    stealthy addition minute by minute
    of precious light we’ll hail in the spring

    I count the seconds before dark
    drives me in from the trails
    drag my feet as ruts threaten
    deer already moving in behind me

    Breathe in the last of day
    pungent with bruised cedars
    hear the rustle in the switch grass
    as silence eases down to rest

    Beside sleek bodies does
    and yearlings the buck still
    alert yet sure this is a place of peace
    that treasures light’s slow return.

  9. Avatartaylor graham


    We celebrate the day-after.
    The shimmer-trimmings are put away,
    gifts have found their useful places.

    The chimneysweep – a wordless
    man in black – has ascended
    our roof and brushed the Santa residue

    from the flue. I’ve brought in
    tinder from the twiggy canopy of oak
    that fell last winter,

    and good split wood –
    we celebrate the fallen, what was lost
    and comes again to memory

    in flame behind woodstove glass,
    and warmth. Outside, a new
    cold day. Fresh air.

  10. AvatarPowerUnit


    It is a quiet Christmas day at the end
    the peninsula a second home out
    on the North Atlantic shore, the ocean
    a cold steel gray singing its dreary song
    of creation and destruction, of new
    beginnings and old ends, not just man-made
    but the natural entropy of all;
    I write some lines with my new fountain pen
    and I know even words have their ends
    and this hope will certainly fade away,
    but then four deer march across the yard
    and remind me that life still riles this planet
    and despite our failings and imperfections
    there are larger forces pushing us forward, forever.


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