Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 504

Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a tomorrow poem.

For today’s prompt, write a tomorrow poem. For me, tomorrow is the last day of October, which means the day after tomorrow is the beginning of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge. But a tomorrow poem could be exciting, terrifying, hopeful, hopeless, or unknown.


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Here’s my attempt at a Tomorrow Poem:


there’s a word for it
that feeling that comes
over me when i nearly
begin to do something
productive in relation
to an action i’ve been
putting off forever

36 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 504

  1. AvatarClevercrafter


    Celebrate today as a gift
    Tomorrow is not promised
    Yesterday comes and goes so quickly
    Here one minute and gone the next.
    Love your friends and your family,
    Today could be your last.

  2. Avatarrenkor

    The Escape of Tomorrow

    Today I fret
    About the world and its pain
    And about the suffering
    And all the careless sociopaths
    The would be saviors
    Who drain my bank account
    And separate me from love

    Tomorrow I bet
    Is a place that eases sorrow
    Provides a new chance to live for now
    To meet all the groovy people
    Who use quality language
    Care about all the right things.

    Tomorrow I bet
    I’ll visit amazing places
    Handshakes, hugs and hellos
    And all around me
    People smiling, helpful

    Today I fret
    That the illusion
    Of tomorrow
    Is an addiction
    Preventing me
    From accessing
    The will to make
    Great changes

  3. AvatarBer

    Tomorrow never comes

    If tomorrow never comes
    Then yesterday did
    Like days before
    Windows unopened
    Tomorrow to explore

    If tomorrow never comes
    Time filled with memories
    Life lived
    To the fullest
    Am I on the cull list?

    If tomorrow never comes
    It surely will not stay away
    As the rain bashes against
    My window
    Blowing time into decay

    If tomorrow never comes
    It may not for some
    As the light goes out
    Lives lived
    Laughter and fun

    Never question
    What can’t be undone?
    Only what is present
    If tomorrow never comes
    You will be carved like a plucked pheasant

  4. Avatardeyoha


    Busy scurrying
    Laundry lists of
    Garage cleaning
    Wood splitting

    There is so much
    To do today.

    A pile up of
    Dishes cascades
    Over the sink
    Onto the counter.

    There is so much
    To do right now.

    But instead,
    We pile in the car.
    Drive around looking
    At autumn leaves or Christmas lights
    Or whatever the time of year offers.
    We go for ice cream,
    Bike rides, walks in the woods.

    Because the list will
    Still exist

  5. Avatarheadintheclouds87

    A Calmer Tomorrow

    Tomorrow I’ll be better,
    Not let things get to me,
    Or fall into tiny pieces
    Over what is ultimately nothing.

    I’ll not be blindly incensed
    By the idiotic spoutings
    And galling misunderstandings
    Inevitably heard around me.

    I’ll bite my tongue tactfully
    When others say something
    Utterly vexing and aggravating
    (Without even realising).

    Tomorrow I’ll let the red mist
    Simply drift past me
    Before it clouds my eyes
    To the serene world around me.

    A serenity that endures in spite
    Of little irritants surrounding it.

  6. Avatargrcran

    no tomorrow but there’s always next year

    there’s no tomorrow for the team
    ok well there’s achievement
    fresh teamwork love of game it seems
    is greater for the grieve-ment
    same team will never live again
    members gone to the mets
    the twins los padres who knows when
    this fan gets what he gets
    excitement nerves amazing grace
    strength power speed true smarts
    so picture this fan’s smiling face
    soon as next season starts

    gpr crane

  7. AvatarTerry Jude Miller

    The Deer Blind

    once upon a time a father
    and his thirteen year old son
    built a deer blind

    coat after coat of forest paint
    eight coats in all
    then spray can initials
    inside below the windows

    built to last
    and it did
    the son

    it’s where the 13 year old
    at 17 told his father
    the great unblinding secret
    then left the earth
    the following day

  8. Avatarbarbara_y

    Happy Halloween


    Tomorrow I will know
    that loathsome hunger
    again. It will be
    as it has always been.
    The day after’s anger,
    like today’s, will show
    again a full dozen
    wrappers with no candy.

  9. AvatarAnthony94

    No Tomorrow

    If I wrote this yesterday
    I would still be waiting
    for the white fall of snow
    that blanketed green leaves
    overnight, turned streets to glass
    so that minutes stretched
    to hours for this morning’s commute

    If I wrote this yesterday
    I wouldn’t yet know that today
    you’d leave as fast as this
    melting in morning sun
    and that I’d have your back
    imprinted on my eyelids
    its image as wet as the roads

    If I wrote this yesterday
    I would be baking muffins
    to tuck into your lunch
    alongside a silly note
    and while I sometimes wondered
    why you never wrote me back
    I knew you were wrapped up
    in that crazy job but didn’t know
    you were wrapped up with her

    If I wrote this yesterday
    I’d be singing with the radio
    as I dusted flour from my shirt
    but since it’s not yesterday
    I’m counting muffins by the dozen
    and placing them in bags
    to be as frozen as my heart.

  10. AvatarNancy Posey

    (with apologies to Paul and John)

    All my worries seem so far away.
    I can just postpone them one more day.
    I trust tomorrow more than yesterday.

    I can dream of all the games I’ll play.
    I feel certain things will go my way
    tomorrow more than yesterday.

    You may have to go, I don’t know—
    You just might stay.
    I imagine dumb things I might say,
    but tomorrow? Nope No way.

    all of my denial might prove wrong
    and I might sing a different song
    but for tomorrow, hope is strong.

    I’ll be older than I am today,
    but only by a single day—
    and what’s my option anyway?

  11. Avatarconnielpeters


    I sit on a bridge
    breathing in fresh air.
    The water gurgles past
    carrying a leaf
    whirling and swirling.

    And I think about moments
    passing by in a similar way
    rushing, swishing by.
    And I wonder,
    what is real?

    The moment past?
    The moment present?
    Or the ones to come?
    Is this a real world
    or just an image?

    Someday it will be over.
    Is that when we meet true reality?

  12. AvatarSara McNulty

    My Future

    My future is all tomorrows
    passing in the blink of an eye
    May they not be filled with sorrows
    My future is all tomorrows
    with no days that I can borrow
    To the past I must say good-bye
    My future is all tomorrows
    passing in the blink of an eye

  13. AvatarNancy Posey

    To Do

    That to-do list I curate,
    recorded in my day planner
    always within reach
    may have to wait,
    check marks put on hold,
    unsettlingly incomplete.

    Today you appeared
    at my door without notice,
    with time to kill, stories
    bursting to be told
    and nothing I might do,
    nothing I might have done
    would keep me from sitting
    here in the kitchen with you,
    a pot of coffee brewing.

    The list will wait
    until tomorrow.

  14. Avatarjulie e.


    And I’m trying to be fine
    about tomorrow
    since recent days have been unkind
    and fear drips stickily
    down my
    when what I want is to go back
    to the week before my last
    where hope flushed me warm
    in expectation
    but yesterday I fell
    possibilities became
    and I’m hesitant today
    to go

  15. Avatartaylor graham


    Tomorrow the winds will settle, the wild red winds down-canyon flushed with threat of fire – the winds which, with a flick of a switch called Fear, have cut the power from electric lines to keep us safe. We wake in ancient dark without lights in kitchen or hall, without the appliances that keep us connected to our everyday. We’re on our own, trying to remember all the details we’ve stored in machines, locked in their memory, inaccessible now. We make do, we improvise, we conjure almost forgotten ways of doing things. Tonight we gather at a picnic table outside the dark library with our books and lanterns, huddle against wind and share our poems. We laugh. Tomorrow everything may be back to normal. We’ll resume our everyday lives,

    remember this dark
    togetherness – how it shines
    with a deeper light

  16. AvatarPiddleville

    Yesterday Poem

    I won’t write tomorrow’s poem.
    I’ve tried. I always fail.
    I can only write poems yesterday.
    They all fly by so fast.
    Each instant of tomorrow
    flings past me, quick as light,
    the light seen in the lightning.
    My hands can’t write that fast.

    And heaven knows, my mind
    won’t ever be that swift.
    To write a poem tomorrow
    you must write it here, today,
    and that can’t be tomorrow’s poem.
    Once done, it’s yesterday’s.

  17. AvatarPowerUnit


    I’ve waited for someone to do something
    only to find empty handshakes
    on the night of feral cats,
    in heat,
    the one-track mind of fate,
    my window-wells full of fluff balls,
    the hopeless yearnings that keep
    those weekend golfers coming back
    for one more kick at the wall.

  18. Avatarseamuscorleone

    Tomorrow, Michigan

    One of these tomorrows you will be

    An eight minute walk.

    I remember how excited we were when
    You bought the house and realized
    It was only an eight minute walk from
    Your house to mine.

    Now that we are broken
    Up, though, that proximity is less
    Than ideal. Which is why, I suppose,
    You told me you’re thinking it’s about time to go back
    Home. To Michigan.

    You had invited me to go with you to your home
    Town, to visit your family, between Christmas and New
    Years. Obviously that’s off the table now.

    When you go back to Michigan, you will go back
    Alone. And maybe forever.

    And we can’t be together, we’re toxic
    For each other,
    But goddamnit,
    I am going to miss you

    I already do,

  19. AvatarTracy Davidson

    Undone Chores

    “I’ll do it tomorrow, dear.”
    Another undone chore.
    Unless he gets his arse in gear
    it’ll be “tomorrow, dear” once more.

    He thinks I’ll get fed up before long,
    and fix everything myself.
    But my principles are much more strong
    than dripping tap or sloping shelf.

    I think I’ll follow his idle lead,
    no meals or laundry done today.
    He bleats about a shirt he’ll need.
    “I’ll do it tomorrow, dear,” I say.

  20. Avatarkhoward

    Will be

    Tomorrow will be today
    Today will be yesterday
    Then it is yesteryear
    Tomorrow will come
    Will it be here with sun
    Or will the rain come
    Hope or hopeless
    But a rainbow will come

  21. AvatarNot-Only But-Also Riley

    today write a tomorrow poem

    it’s still early
    close to 8 in the morning
    and the sky still sort of gray
    and the air still speaking bitter

    it’s still early
    the sidewalks aren’t awake yet
    i’m one of maybe ten
    to tap my soles along them

    their leafy autumn skin
    still largely undisturbed
    still pristine despite the death

    it’s still early
    i sip some hostile drink
    flip through the pages of a book
    i can’t yet comprehend

    it’s still early
    i haven’t even said hello
    to that rotund yellow goddess
    she marks the coming of the day

    she’s peeking gingerly
    above a parking lot,
    beyond that above a little grass

    it’s still early
    today is still swaddled
    maybe still living parasitically
    in the womb of yesterday

    it’s still early
    i’m barely bothered to
    understand the now
    how could i tomorrow

  22. AvatarWalter J Wojtanik

    A FRESH NEW TOMORROW, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Salubrious salutations resonate
    on this early autumn day,
    the showers reigns down
    in waves cleansing waters.
    I hear your voice echo against
    my skin, my pate, red from shouts
    of your raucous oration.
    I hold my station as you continue
    the tirade of this rain swept morn.
    And as night will draw nigh I shall hear your soft
    sigh, your sweet farewell; your promise
    of a fresh new tomorrow. Your whispers
    ease my sorrows and caress my soul,
    touching my heart with your lilting goodnight.
    A new day awaits. Every new tomorrow
    is a fresh opportunity to succeed.
    It is indeed fresh and new.


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