Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 502

Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a six words poem.

Happy Dictionary Day! To celebrate, write a poem using at least 3 of the following 6 words (extra credit if you can use all 6):

  1. beat
  2. dinosaur
  3. handle
  4. maze
  5. play
  6. walk


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Here’s my attempt at a Six Words Poem:


Without skipping a beat, she says,
“I can handle this little maze,”
and proceeds to put her pen to paper.

Drawing a line in the right way
as if on a walk in a play
until the end reveals a dinosaur.

56 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 502

  1. Avatarrenkor

    Walk to the beat
    Go ask them to play
    Your favorite dinosaur song
    Again and again
    Come on, you can do it
    Just wonder through
    the maze of people
    There’s no shame in asking
    You can handle it

  2. AvatarBer


    In he struts
    Carrying his vegetation in his mouth
    Happy dinosaur
    Play along to the beat of your steps

    Life is timed by landscape
    Walk through passages
    Those who stepped before you

    As you handle
    Every mouthful with care
    Caught up
    In the maze of escaping
    The fire
    Burning into the night sky

  3. Avatarstepstep


    Can you handle the maze of life
    When it seems to play with your emotions?
    When it seems to constantly beat you up
    Whether you walk or run
    To face problems minute or the size of a dinosaur.

    Will you fight back
    Or pack it all in
    Or find a way to free yourself of all situations?


  4. AvatarLeslieKern

    The dinosaur no more can play on planet Earth
    People in a maze walk all over their hallowed home
    To the beat of a new handle while talking to a metal box.

  5. AvatarTryPoe

    I took liberty with “maze” and made it “maize”

    Why so Maize and Blue?

    I see them play
    in their maize and blue.
    How many times
    must they be beat
    before they just walk away,
    their grip firm
    on the handle of defeat?
    They’re dinosaurs
    is a land of evolving winners.
    They will become extinct
    and their bones carbonized
    in the land of the Buckeye.

  6. AvatarLacharmoure

    My Jam
    The bass beat thumps,
    My mind is engulfed in a music maze,
    Putting swag in my walk,
    As the guitars play …

    The singer screams,
    A dinosaur sized roar,
    Almost to much to handle,
    But I want more …

  7. Avatardeyoha

    I got in all 6!!!!!

    Raising a Brat
    (Reflections on Walmart Parenting Styles)

    I beat myself up…

    Why wait until mid-day on a
    Saturday to wander the
    maze of crazy that is the weekend
    At Wal-mart? Self-torture, I suppose.

    The worst parenting in the world
    is on stage here.

    I cannot handle those
    mad moms who walk away
    Yelling while their kids play on scooters
    And bikes in aisles…
    And minutes later the overwhelmed mother
    Returns with an offer of
    a toy dinosaur or the Barbie doll
    of their dreams
    “If they just behave!”

    Simple rules apply here.

    Be the adult.
    Stay calm.
    Don’t yell.
    Hold them accountable. . . .
    Don’t you know bribery begets

  8. AvatarJane Shlensky

    Never Fear

    It’s the teenagers that speed-walk past her,
    skiddish as if they fear old age is contagious.
    She side-eyes them, beating a path
    to their friends, navigating the maze
    of adolescent expectations and angst.
    The little children handle her presence
    better, playing alongside her—
    an old woman in the park, swinging
    with her cane hooked in the chain,
    her feet pointing toward sky, higher, higher.
    She concentrates on those nervous youth
    all tattooed, pierced, spandexed, and pink haired,
    trying to fit into a group they don’t understand
    yet disdaining the aged for being weird,
    and in her pity, she wants to shout to them,
    “I ain’t no dinosaur! I’m you in 60 years!”

  9. AvatarJane Shlensky

    Self Play

    When he takes his dinosaur
    for a walk, they talk
    and play in a maze,
    the boy feeling the tug
    of lostness, the dinosaur
    seeing above and beyond
    and handling the twists
    and turns, avoiding false ends.
    He wishes he could tell a friend,
    you can’t beat how
    amazing it is to take
    a dinosaur for a walk.

  10. Avatarwritinglife16


    I started to walk
    through the garden
    beating a beat
    with an old broom handle
    when I turned the corner.
    My music had induced a
    dinosaur to come out an play.
    The broken stones trailed
    behind him from the pedestal.

  11. AvatarNot-Only But-Also Riley

    lets play outside

    dont walk, run
    when it’s time to play
    the sunlight,
    makes eyes squint
    there is just
    more information
    than little minds
    can handle.

    one girl makes
    a maze with
    legos and race cars,
    her feet scraped
    she copies things
    her dad told her
    in stories about
    his training.

    on the sidewalk
    sits a lonely kid
    solemnly pointing
    a magnifying glass
    at a plastic green dinosaur,
    he watches it melt
    as if destruction
    were his only duty.

    poor kid, you think
    the dinosaur is
    worried if he can
    beat the heat,
    he died millions
    of years ago,
    he’s busy trying to beat
    a hurtling chunk of earth.

  12. Avatargrcran


    do go BOGO sir dinosaur
    buy one play one mishandle
    my walking cane oh troubadour
    but please to light my candle
    the bramble buddy please don’t throw
    me in give me one reason
    to walk the maze i’m beat i’ll go
    this dinosaur’s last season

    gpr crane
    if interested, pls note referenced quotes below, three of my faves:
    “Hand me down my walkin’ cane
    I’m a gonna leave on the morning train
    My sins, they have overtaken me” James A. Bland, 1880
    “please, Br’er Fox, don’t fling me in dat brier-patch” from folklore, likely first publication by Robert Roosevelt, 1800s
    “give me one reason” Tracy Chapman, 1995

  13. AvatarAnthony94

    No Dinosaur

    She turned 70 that day but
    she’s no dinosaur as she races
    through the corn maze with the grandkids
    likes to get a handle on their lives
    through their social media
    and even tries to play a game
    of Words with Friends with her sister
    every morning over toast before
    she goes for her daily walk
    through the fields up and down
    the trails until her fitness tracker
    gives a happy beep. Off now to pull
    foxtail from the sleeping daffodils
    she’ll make piles to tote later to
    the growing circle of garden debris
    lifting her head to the last bluebirds
    keeping her company above a single
    monarch wending south and even
    though she’s a bit on the far side
    of fifty she’s headed for ninety and
    even then she’ll never be a dinosaur.

  14. AvatarTracy Davidson

    Dream No 6

    I cannot beat the Gods of war,
    nor fight a giant dinosaur.

    I cannot handle smog-filled haze,
    nor work my way through mystic maze.

    I cannot act this nightmare play,
    so I wake up and walk away.

  15. AvatarRobert J. Tiess


    Within this prehistoric maze,
    where sunlight fights colossal leaves,

    the grievous beat of dinosaur
    (a brontosaurus, by the sound,

    a pounding tempo of a walk)
    crescendos we pause to gawk.

    Reluctantly, we cease to play
    time travelers without a fear,

    when one among us starts to say,
    “Tyrannosaurus drawing near!”

    You grab the handle, spin the year.
    I, the driver, set to steer,

    yet nothing runs – all falls awry,
    and gauges fade to verify

    our worst concerns becoming clear:
    we just as well may perish here.

    1. AvatarRobert J. Tiess



      Within this prehistoric maze,
      where sunlight fights colossal leaves,

      the grievous beat of dinosaur
      (a brontosaurus, by the sound,

      a pounding tempo of a walk)
      crescendos as we pause to gawk.

      Reluctantly, we cease to play
      time travelers without a fear

      when one among us starts to say,
      “Tyrannosaurus drawing near!”

      You grab the handle, spin the year.
      I, the driver, set to steer,

      yet nothing runs – all falls awry,
      and gauges fade to verify

      our worst concerns becoming clear:
      we just as well may perish here.

  16. Avatarjulie e.

    Ode to an Invisible Illness

    If she could only get a handle
    on this new body of hers
    stiff when she walked and
    slightly off beat
    If only she could think
    through this maze in her brain
    hedged in by words
    that came out confused
    If only this sickness hadn’t
    hijacked her life
    she’d fly like the seagulls
    mobbing the shore
    but she’s lumbering slow
    like a old dinosaur


    Dictionary Day

    Today is the day, and we’ve come
    To play,
    To run not walk, with a beat we
    Handle the heat,
    We solve the maze, we
    Embrace our craze,
    We do all we can to be
    Alive, to score, before we go
    The way of the dinosaur.

  18. Avatartaylor graham


    She carries no tools to the hill, walking carefully
    finding foothold as she goes. Stone stump leaf-
    fall slick underfoot. It’s October, a thick mat
    of years no cushion but hazard. Wildfire
    that cancels everything when it comes – or before,
    its rumor-fear. Home insurance no longer
    assured. No beating the system, but to try with
    bare hands and hope. The system a maze
    more tangled than her slash-pile, detritus of a great
    oak fallen in storm. Each limb she pulls
    from the pile, a handle. Sun plays through canopy
    of oaks still standing, bursting its brilliance
    in her eye. Each morning she rises like dinosaur
    in a changing world, its changing weather.

  19. Avatarkhoward

    Bob lost

    My heart beat was fast
    As the handle came off
    The walk became a run
    Through a maze of hurt
    Don’t play with that door
    Bob cried as he stopped running
    The dinosaur roared, bad for Bob

  20. Avatarconnielpeters

    It Matters Not
    (a viator)

    It matters not the games you play,
    but who you play with in the maze.
    The ones you walk with on your way.
    The friends with whom you spend your days.

    When you have time to have some fun,
    it matters not the games you play.
    Play with ones you enjoy the run,
    then you can handle come what may.

    Days of the week or holiday,
    whether football, Frisbee or Flinch,
    it matters not the games you play.
    Who is your comrade, that’s the cinch.

    With the right team, you can’t be beat.
    But as you all grow old and gray,
    win or lose the playing is sweet.
    It matters not the games you play.

  21. AvatarPiddleville

    Spoils of Victory

    I beat the dinosaur to the maze.
    His walk was very slow.
    The handle to the door of entry
    required a bit of play,
    but I got it and came into
    no maze but a labyrinth.
    And thus, I was tricked.
    And so it was I heard,
    “Though I’m a sluggish dinosaur,
    you are the foolish Minotaur.”

  22. AvatarPowerUnit

    An emotional week. The little hero looks like he will make a full recovery.


    He walked and ran and climbed and cried and hid
    for six days we beat the streets, lifting every lid;
    couldn’t handle the maze of lookalike trees and walls,
    no food for strays, no one to catch his falls.

    Streets of faceless people and angry fast cars
    full of closed storefronts and rowdy late-night bars,
    hungry chasing dinosaurs to the modern city cat,
    who’s lost his way, doesn’t know where it’s at.

    He was seen by the high school and down by the cove,
    the news it was late, but after him we drove.
    A picture was posted of Cato laying helpless,
    dragged himself to hiding with a broken pelvis.

    He somehow made it home, right to our backdoor,
    now resting in a kennel where he can love once more.


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