Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 131

For this week’s prompt, write a “when you’re not paying attention” poem. The “you” could be the speaker in the poem, the reader of the poem, or even a character in the poem. All manner of good and bad things can happen when we’re not paying attention. Let’s see what we discover.

Here’s my attempt:

“The Lions Will Be Waiting”

He hides behind a bush, but those girls
are patient and have him figured out,
know he doesn’t want to deliver
the message–only wants to write it.
Those bees buzz through the garden without
wondering why he crouches, what he
fears, and the birds search for somewhere else
to land. He hides and looks between leaves
and hopes for a distraction. Those girls
are patient, and he is patient too.
Meanwhile, the snakes sneak up on them all.


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201 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 131

  1. Julieann S Powell

    Unsuspecting Heart

    My heart is fragile,
    Tender, not to be trifled with
    Not to be broken
    A heart should laugh,
    And sing, and tell love’s story
    I will protect my heart.
    I will not give it away.

    Too many times my heart’s been broken,
    Torn asunder, shattered,
    And like Humpty-Dumpty
    It cannot be glued back
    Together again.
    I will protect my heart.
    I will not give it away.

    You try wooing me with your winning smile,
    And your engaging blue eyes,
    I won’t be taken in by your
    Charismatic magnetism
    And boyish charm.
    I will protect my heart.
    I will not give it away.

    “No” I will not go out with you
    I say, and then you show up at my door
    With flowers and wine
    Just this once, I tell myself,
    It would be rude to turn you away.
    I will protect my heart.
    I will not give it away.

    Time heals all wounds
    Even a shredded heart
    I take the chance
    You are there, with love in your eyes
    As I walk down the isle
    I am no longer able to protect my heart.
    I have given it away to you.


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