2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Let’s (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem. Example titles might include: “Let’s Fly a Kite,” “Let’s Party,” “Let’s Forget About That Last Poem I Wrote That Was a  Little Too Personal,” etc.

Here’s my attempt:

“Let’s Poem”

We’ll meet in the twilight
our nets propped on shoulders
to catch lines like fireflies
working into the night.


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398 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

  1. foodpoet


    Let’s open the gate
    break down the dam,
    unjam the heart.
    Music beats and I, I reach
    for the phone,
    who will say hello?
    Who will listen to the loss of the day.
    Music beats and the phone is silent,
    no echoes of love linger
    in the passing of time,
    lets open the gate.

  2. foodpoet

    Let me just say

    Let me just say anything
    I can’t come and you won’t know why
    Not understand that fever’s can catch
    You won’t know that I didn’t come so you wouldn’t get sick

    I was here today and not last Sunday
    Let me just say anything
    You hear me talk
    But it’s all a memory retread

    I talk and you look at nothing
    But inner locked thoughts
    Let me just say anything
    And I can pretend

    You know me
    But I know for now
    And all future visits
    I can just say anything

  3. AC Leming

    Let’s Fly To The Moon

    take a trip among the stars,
    sleep through space and time.
    And embrace the death
    we leave behind
    on Earth while we breathe
    deep the gas that gives us long life
    and dislocated stars.

  4. Christod

    Let’s Consider.

    Let’s consider how the righteous prosper
    as dusk pulls the drawstring on a day
    where those who whined themselves lucky
    wound up on top of those who silently
    work for better and end on less.

    Let’s throw up our arms and carry forward
    the thought that good fortune cannot change
    the weight of having to live with a self
    that will be not remembered for the heart.

  5. Marcia Gaye

    April 20, 2012
    A “Let’s _______ “ Poem

    Let’s Poem Everyday!

    Monday’s poet is full of angst.
    Tuesday’s poet is open and frank.
    Wednesday’s poet rhymes in verse.
    Thursday’s poet is sparse and terse.
    Friday’s poet revises rewrites.
    Saturday’s poet is wise and tight.
    But the poet who poems on the Sabbath day
    is blessed, inspired and sure of their way.

  6. Andrea B

    Let’s Carve Names in an Oak

    carve names in an oak
    get tattoos
    tie the knot
    test eternity

    even permanent marker
    and wine stains

    new shirts yellow
    heirlooms crack
    fads go on outdated

    peaches in season moments,
    make life
    moments feign rubber bands
    stretched into timelines
    and when they snap back,
    every time,
    we are surprised

  7. po

    Let’s Meditate

    Relax. As stray
    thoughts appear
    alone or side-by-
    side let them
    travel to another
    Not on a runway
    to seek attention:
    try to level out–
    find the middle

  8. Arrvada

    Let’s Do This
    Come on
    Don’t wait
    Don’t you dare hesitate
    You’ve only got this one chance
    This one day
    When it’s over it’s gone
    Never will come back
    So don’t wait
    Let’s do this
    Life complete
    Each day
    Each moment

  9. tunesmiff


    Let’s go!
    Let’s dance!

    Let’s take a chance!
    Let’s go to the hop (oh, Baby),

    Let’s let bygones be bygones
    Let’s pretend.

    Let’s face facts and let’s move on.
    Let’s leave it all behind us.

    Let’s get this party started!
    Let’s get this show on the road;

    Let’s get the heck outta Dodge!
    Let’s hold our horses;

    Let’s take a break.
    Let’s take a breather.

    Let’s circle back.
    Let’s call it a night.

  10. mschied

    Let’s live

    The spirit of life ceased to dance
    struck down mid-revolution
    the assembled masses encased in shock
    the wind extinguished another candle

    One lone voice picked up the hidden strain
    and sang the multitude into being again
    and the spirit began to move among the crowd
    searching for the sleeping to awaken

    Around the newly roused
    the chorus swirled in iridescent light
    infusing joy and awakening dreams
    as the animated stepped forth with reborn purpose

  11. RobHalpin

    “Let’s all go to the movies…”

    A well-adapted
    movie from a well-written
    book, The Hunger Games
    does not glorify child on
    child violence, it condemns

    the unspeakable
    atrocities an unchecked
    government can wreak
    on its people in the name
    of peace and stability

    and how one person
    can, unintentionally,
    become the spark that
    kindles an uprising by
    simply doing right.


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