A market that’s NOT closed: River Oak Review

I’ve received an e-mail from Lance Wilcox, Associate Poetry Editor of River Oak Review. He discusses a situation I just hate to hear about–an editor returned a listing verification for the 2008 edition of Poet’s Market, but somehow I never received it:

“I recently purchased the 2008 Poet’s Market for my personal use and was surprised not to see our journal listed. When I mentioned it to Ann Frank Wake, our Poetry Editor, she was quite upset. She is sure she revised and submitted the necessary materials to update our listing in a timely manner…I know how conscientious she is, so I believe she did return the revised listing on time and the snafu occurred somewhere else.”

Indeed, the snafu was probably the great junk mail filter “black hole” into which too much mail disappears. I searched through all my records and my electronic files of returned verifications, and I don’t have anything for River Oak Review. I also review my long list of “blocked” e-mails each day, but I may have overlooked this verification at the time. I’m quite capable of making mistakes, and do.


Whatever the cause, River Oak Review didn’t have a listing in the 2008 Poet’s Market, and that doesn’t make me happy. I value every listing and hate the long list of “NR” (no response) markets that appear in the General Index in each edition. Since I’m the only person working on the book, it’s impossible for me to contact all these markets individually to see if they forgot to return their listing updates. I send out at least one, sometimes two follow-up mailings to markets I haven’t heard from, but these are easily disregarded if an editor believes he/she already responded.


Please add River Oak Review to your list of potential markets (the submission guidelines are here). And believe me, River Oak Review will appear in the 2009 edition of Poet’s Market.



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