Super Cool News: 2009 Poet's Market!

After copying some of my writing into my super sophisticated composition notebook at lunch, I discovered that the 2009 Poet’s Market is back from the printer, which means that soon (very, very soon) this directory will be getting to both print and online bookstores. Yes, another edition of Poet’s Market is on its way out to the public.

As usual, there are a lot of great poetry listings for magazines & journals, book & chapbook publishers, contests & awards, grants and more. There’s also a lot of great interviews and profiles and how-to’s and, yes, more.

More. More. More.

Anyway, cool stuff.


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3 thoughts on “Super Cool News: 2009 Poet's Market!

  1. Robert Brewer

    It should be noted that I’m not the editor. I did help out a little on the book this year, but Alice Pope is the main person for the 2009 edition.

  2. Amy Barlow Liberatore


    1. Do you have any articles or poetry, etc., in the Digest?

    2. Re: 60-day challenge. I have indeed been writing one poem every day. Are we supposed to post them, or would that crash your site (heaven forfend!)?

    Thanks for all you do for us fledglings – ooops, I mean, WORKING POETS!



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