Call for Submissions: 2012 Poet's Market

The 2011 Poet’s Market has been making the rounds, which means there’s another great edition of this poet publishing resource at bookstores–online and off–around the globe (though mostly in North America). (If you don’t have one yet, click here to order your copy.)

While poets can enjoy the most recent edition of Poet’s Market, I’ve got to keep moving forward to try and make the next edition even better. This means I’m putting out the official call for submissions on the 2012 Poet’s Market.

I’m interested in many different poetic topics, but especially those that will help poets find success in publishing and marketing their poetry. Take a look at the most recent editions of Poet’s Market to find a topic that hasn’t been covered or that could be covered in a new way.

Since I conduct interviews on the Poetic Asides blog, I’m not as interested in those, but if you have access to a super big name or a great slant, I’m always willing to consider your pitch.

All pitches should be sent to me (without attachments) at Since I receive a ton of e-mail, please use the subject line: Pitch for 2012 Poet’s Market

The deadline for submissions is 9/7/2010.

Please include your name and contact information in your e-mail pitch. Believe it or not, people frequently forget to do this.

I will start making assignments for the 2012 Poet’s Market in September.

Also, please feel encouraged to spread the word about this call for submissions.


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And remember: The best way to know what to pitch is to study recent editions of Poet’s Market, including the 2011 edition (which you can order here now). This will be my third edition as editor, so the 2011 and 2010 editions (available here) should be your best guides in determining my preferences and helping with your own poetry submissions, marketing, etc.

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One thought on “Call for Submissions: 2012 Poet's Market

  1. Khara E. House

    Hey, Robert, I had a question for you … How does a literary journal go about getting listed in the Poet’s Market? I’m the poetry editor for the journal at my University, and we were just talking about Poet’s Market the other day, so I thought I’d ask!!


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