2019 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

For the 2019 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, poets are tasked with writing a poem a day in the month of November before assembling a chapbook manuscript in the month of December. Today’s prompt is to write a Dialogue Poem.

For today’s prompt, write a poem with dialogue. He said, he said. She said, she said. He said, she said. And so on. Poems with dialogue don’t happen every day, but we’re going to make a concerted effort with today’s prompt.

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Here’s my attempt at a Dialogue Poem:


He asked, “What do you think?”
She said, “Do what you will.”
“But, what do you want?”
She said, “I want you to thrill
at the sound of my voice
and to have a little faith
that I’ll support you
no matter what they say.”
He asked, “But what if I fail?”
She said, “Don’t worry now.”
“But,” he started, “What if…”
She interrupted, “How
can you keep me from the door?
Talk of such things never more.”

54 thoughts on “2019 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

  1. Avatarrebwood

    He said, she said

    “I like strawberries with cream”, she said.
    “I like them without,” said he.
    “I like to eat crackers in bed”, said she.
    He answered, “that’s absolute insanity”.

    “I like potatoes”, he pronounced.
    “Rice is better, I think”, she replied
    And the two of them could not decide
    what was the best way to compromise.

    She asked, “Do you like to take walks all alone”?
    “Of course”, he answered, “What could be better”?
    “Humph”, she retorted, “I prefer walks together,
    It seems, to me, a much happier endeavor”.

    He stated, “A good book is a man’s best friend”.
    She asked, “But what about the dog”?
    “A great companion, we are all taught”,
    “But literature is what stimulates thought”.

    The two continued to compare and contrast,
    but never seemed to find common ground,
    Until at last they agreed that they’d found
    that they’d each like the other to stay around.

  2. AvatarJane Shlensky

    Native Intelligence

    “You see that dog? He’s mighty smart.”
    “Um hmm, he seems right scholarly.”
    “He counts and reads and studies art.”
    “Yep, that’s something you rarely see.”

    “Just yesterday, he drove the car,
    pumped gas, and brought me home some beer.”
    “That’s nice of him; the store’s right far.
    You must be glad to have him here.”

    “I makes me wonder ‘bout the cow;
    the way she stares and chews her cud,
    she looks reflective.” “Yeah? But how?”
    “Like she’d be driving if she could.”

    “You reckon she might like a boat?”
    “She’d have to borrow from the goat.”

  3. AvatarJesshazel

    He said “a Joyous life is only a mirage”
    I said “this blessed day you only want to sabotage”
    I knew I could never change his mind
    His resentments kept him blind
    he replied “this bitter pill is hard for you to swallow”
    I responded “because my heart unlike yours is not hollow”
    He answered, “one day you will see my way to be true”
    In return I said, “So somber, I could never be like you!”

  4. AvatarCarupe

    Texting & Inner Dialogs

    I’m in Placerville
    Sporting the nostalgic
    Black tank

    Aw!! Looking good!
    You doing
    Pville again?

    Yah. I’m up here for
    & arrival of new

    Oooooo soon!!! Wow

    She was due Tuesday

    I am so happy for them

    I think I’m happy for them too


    Ready for your
    Los Angeles Escapades?

    Not yet – so much to do

    “but none of it with me,”
    I said to myself

  5. Avatarjulie e.

    At the Coffee Bar

    She said “I like your hair,
    it’s quite debonair”
    He said “I like your eyes,
    they match the blue skies”
    She blushed “I like your voice
    I’d listen by choice”
    he said “Iove your smile,
    shall we sit awhile?”
    She said yes.

  6. Avatarreginariddle

    A Song of Salvation

    “I’m praying for someone to love.”
    “Expecting answers from up above.”
    “My hopes are built on faith and hope.”
    “Blessings from God on how to cope.”

    “I’m willing to listen to a still, small voice.”
    “And soon, no doubt, you will be able to rejoice.”
    “I’m thankful for His word and will…
    Which give me so much that I feel.”

    “I pray every day for His will to be done.”
    “There is always a soul to be won.”
    “I’m thankful today that He always hears me.”
    “With His love alive inside, I know he listens to my plea.”

    “There will never be a God so great or wise…
    As this God who lives inside, who did rise.”
    “I know you may never find the words of praise.”
    “But, with God, there is always reasons to amaze.”

    “He saved my soul and I know He’ll save yours.”
    “I’m willing to give in to the love that he pours.”
    “God knows I could never find a love so strong.”
    “His love, hope and faith are alive in a song.”

  7. AvatarOld Novice Emily

    A DIALOGUE poem!
    How’m I gonna write a DiALoGuE poem?
    *One word at a time, doncha think?
    Poems don’t happen one word at a time!
    *How DO poems happen, then?
    there’s an itch in my mind,
    then a line comes out
    and some ideas start flying…

    *Have you written a poem here?

  8. Avatarthunk2much

    Sleep on it

    I don’t know what to do, do you?
    No, I wish I had an answer.
    Well we can sleep on it I guess…
    It never works, we just forget.
    Maybe it’s better if we just forget?
    Yeah, maybe you’re right.
    So, we do know what to do then.
    Nothing, but it’s a choice.
    Yes, a choice we make, every day.
    So, it’s good night then.
    Good night love. Until tomorrow.

  9. AvatarNot-Only But-Also Riley

    A Poem Dressed in Purple

    Tell me stories dressed in purple,
    sprouting frenzied flowers
    in an overgrown garden of garish,

    he pled, and the words bled
    out like the freshness of summer
    spilling onto old men’s lawns,
    read me a metaphor, a simile,
    give me a little taste of nonsense.

    I couldn’t, she answered short,
    because my hand no longer
    loops itself wide enough
    to birth air-born love messages
    like a hired pilot.
    All that’s left in me is this
    forbidden bit of fruit
    , and she
    sprayed her cheap perfume

    for him to breathe in deep.
    It’s not the same, he
    mumbled, but his news
    was eaten by the saccharine
    sweetness like a thousand
    other sorrows. Reaching her
    ear was nothing but a garbled:
    That’s not my name.

  10. AvatarBruce Niedt

    I presumed that the poem doesn’t have to consist completely of dialog, so it’s only part of my poem. Once again I used the Sunday Whirl word bank for this week. The words were born, wash, scream, once, lit, beam, dance, chase, bond, found, puzzle, sit.


    “I wasn’t born to wash the dishes,” he says.
    “Maybe I’ll get them later.”

    Sometimes she just wants to scream.
    Once upon a time his face lit up to see her
    and she would beam right back.
    Back in the day they would dance
    till the band went home,
    or chase a sunrise into the morning.
    There’s still a bond between them,
    but sometimes it strains to rip apart
    when she feels that she is pulling
    much more than her own weight.

    He’s found the Sunday crossword puzzle,
    and sits down to solve it.
    “Honey, what’s a five-letter word for
    ‘an animal or a deadly sin’?”
    “I don’t know,” she replies.
    “How many letters are in your name?”

  11. AvatarSara McNulty

    Green Sheen

    He says, I saw you looking at him,
    he seemed to be wearing a grin.

    She asks, Who could you possibly mean?
    I’ve been enrapt in the ocean’s sea green.

    He insists, He was ogling you, my dear,
    your provocative bikini, I fear.

    She says, Your jealousy’s souring this relationship
    to the point of suffocation, Nick.

    He huffs, Well you could tone down your makeup some,
    and those skimpy tops that scream, ‘I’m Fun’.

    She yells, Find yourself a prude who wears long frocks;
    I am done. I’m changing the locks.

  12. AvatarJanet Rice Carnahan


    ‘Ok, animals, I’m going for a walk
    please show yourself and feel free to talk’
    ‘Jump over that muddy bog’
    croaked a slippery frog
    ”Watch those headlights and don’t go’
    offered the shy doe
    “Beware the mare”
    whispered the frightened hare
    “Better run, just scat”
    replied the scary cat
    “I wouldn’t go there”
    suggested a big black bear
    “Don’t trip over that log”
    responded the hairless dog
    “Trust our songs you’ve heard’
    twittered the caring bird
    “Follow me back into your house”
    squeaked the timid little mouse
    “Get on my back, I’ll take you there, of course”
    Nodded the helpful hard working horse
    “Thank you all for speaking to me”
    “Just give me a buzz next time, too”
    Sang out the bee

  13. AvatarRon Wright

    The Wheel

    Grog’s voice echoed through the cave.
    “I did it Sheeba, my special day.”
    She said, You finally invented fire?”
    He said, “No, the start of Chevrolet.”
    She said, “I’d like fire, for to cook.
    Raw Dinosaur hard to chew.”
    He said, “But, I’ve invented the wheel!”
    She said, “Yeah right, what will it do?”
    He said, “It will eat that gas in swamp.
    It will take you to the store,
    as soon as you learn to drive.”
    “What’s drive,” she asked, somewhat bored.
    “But first,” he said, “You go to license place.”
    “What do I do there?”
    He said, “You stand in line most of day,
    they find if you can see and hear.
    Then with wheels you go far and fast,
    T-Rex will give up chase, with ire.”
    She said, “I’d just drive off edge of earth.
    Go back and invent fire.”

  14. AvatarPowerUnit

    The Trouble with being a Dad

    I don’t want to go, my daughter said.
    Of course you don’t
    Its your job to resist
    Whatever I say
    but hey, if you say okay
    well, Santa Claus is coming
    and you know what they say.

    I don’t want to play
    my boy pouted all day.
    You have to do something
    I reasoned, the house rule
    forbids sitting doing nothing
    so make up your mind
    is it hockey, band, or ballet?

    I don’t want to eat at home
    my overworked wife protested.
    Well, darling I’m sure
    we can afford to go to the shore
    and eat at that fancy place
    as long as we get rid of the kids
    they’re putting our finances on the skids.

  15. Avatartunesmiff

    G. Smith
    I’m on my side of the fence, and you’re on yours;
    Somehow you won’t see eye-to-eye with me.
    We might as well be talking through locked and bolted doors.
    I’m on my side of the fence and you’re on yours,
    What’s the cure? I’m not so sure;
    We’ll just have to agree to disagree.
    I’m on my side of the fence and you’re on yours;
    Somehow you won’t see eye-to-eye with me.

  16. Avatarwritinglife16


    “You never call me back, Bud.”
    He said, “If I was Bud, maybe I would.”
    She screamed, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
    He laughed, “I liked the sound of your voice, it made my day.”
    She asked him, “My voice made your day? Don’t get out much, do you?”
    He sighed.
    “No, I don’t. They say I’m crazy and can’t leave.”
    I sighed softly and hung up.

  17. AvatarSondie

    Pillow Talk

    He said “I do.”
    She said “I do too.”
    And life began anew.
    All was well
    For a year or two,
    Then he met Michelle
    And he said “I don’t”
    So she said “adieu.

  18. AvatarAnthony94

    Of Betsy, Lily & Buck

    Today I wish I’d spoken
    deer as the two crossed
    the road then stopped
    to look back and then
    at each other pondering
    my silver sedan waiting
    for their decision
    doe eyes wide and ears
    flicking as thought bubbles
    appeared above their heads:

    “Should we wait for Buck?”

    “Well who knows when
    he’ll show up, always
    stopping along the way
    and now that car.”

    “She’s moving up a bit,
    shall we jump the fence
    or wait?”

    “I think she’s ready to
    move on, so we’d best
    head west.

    “He’ll catch up, or not.”

    I put the car in gear
    flashers on and begin
    to edge south as Buck
    leaps into sight

    Betsy and Lily stopping
    mid-stride until the three
    of them can leap as one.

    In Elementary we practiced
    both long and standing
    high jumps. Turns out all
    we had to do was watch
    Betsy, Lily and Buck
    take a barbed wire fence
    though I never was as good.

  19. AvatarLeAnneM

    Divorce Fallout

    He said to them, “I want to extinguish
    her presence from my life.”

    He meant that he can’t endure
    the week of debilitating pain
    After her calls.

    They heard, “I hate your mother
    and wish she didn’t exist.”

    They said nothing.

  20. Avatardellyndottir

    © 2019 Ellyn Mayfair

    Take the Risk

    “Run!” her instincts demanded.
    “Hello,” said the stranger.
    “Don’t follow me, “
    her nerves implored.
    “Don’t be scared,”
    said the stranger, softly,
    “I won’t hurt you.”
    “Humans are dangerous,”
    she insisted, looking back
    on the stranger
    keeping distance
    between them.
    “I’m only taking a walk
    in the chilly night air,”
    said the stranger, “just like you.”
    “You must not be trusted.”
    She scampered off.
    “I understand,”
    said the stranger with sadness.
    She stopped running.
    The stranger paused beside her.
    They sized each other up.
    “Do you have more to tell me?”
    the stranger asked.
    “ Yes,” she answered,
    “It’s exhausting
    always being scared.”
    “So it is,” the stranger agreed.
    “Take the risk
    to trust,” she advised,
    her racing heart calming,
    her eyes holding the moment.
    “Thank you,” said the stranger,
    “your reminder is what I needed.”
    Then the spell was broken, and
    the bunny disappeared
    into the bushes, as
    the stranger continued
    his evening stroll.

  21. AvatarMichelleMcEwen

    Old Flame with no Middle Name

    When I asked him
    how it made him
    feel to be the only one
    with no middle name
    out of all of his siblings,
    he just said his mother
    couldn’t think of one
    then he told me to give him one.
    “Jesus,” I said.
    “Uh uh,” he said.
    “Angel,” I said.
    “Uh uh,” he said.
    “Diablo then,” I said.
    “You funny,” he said.
    “Jose,” I said.
    “No way,” he said.
    “Hermoso,” I said.
    “Maybe,” he said.
    He smiled.
    He laughed.
    “You crazy,” He said.

  22. Avatartherealcie

    I had this terrible conversation all too many times in my younger days when my self-esteem was at its worst and I let bad guys do terrible things to me in the vain hope that they would love me back. I titled the poem simply “A Dialogue.”

    you had my heart

    I only wanted a hookup

    you should have said so

    you took the chance

    you shouldn’t lie

    you should be more careful who you trust

    you should be ashamed

    but you’re the one who is

    how can you be so heartless?

    it’s your fault for thinking with your heart

    why do you think cruel is cool?

    I’m not the one sitting home crying

    you’re a miserable liar

    you’re the one who feels like dying

    I did everything you wanted

    and now I’ll find someone else to do the same

    you are the worst

    but I won’t take the blame

    you are the lowest

    but you carry the shame

  23. AvatarMichael T Ellis

    Two Years Earlier

    What, you don’t trust me?
    It’s not a question of trust, it’s verification.
    After all these years?
    There’s too much at stake.
    So my record doesn’t matter.
    We’ve been quite happy with your performance, but…
    It’s that what have you done for me lately song again.
    Stop acting offended. Let me reiterate…
    You don’t think we’re capable anymore.
    No, that’s not it, but if something went wrong…
    Nothing will go wrong. Nothing has ever gone wrong.
    There’s a lot of new software in this system.
    Our analysts have checked it over 24 times.
    But I don’t see any redundancies built in.
    We’ll get those in second generation. Don’t worry.
    Don’t you think we need those right now?
    We’ll offer special training. Remind me again at roll out.
    I’m not sure that’s adequate compensation.
    Speaking of compensation…
    What about compensation?
    This is beginning to sound like a contract amendment.
    No, we just want a safe system.
    Three months before rollout? Do you know how much this will cost?
    What’s your estimate?
    Five hundred million.
    You have to be joking.
    This is not a joking matter.
    No it is not! Safety is paramount!
    Do you want this on your shoulders?
    What do you mean by this?
    Half a billion plus two years delay in rollout?
    Oh for crissakes.
    You’re retiring in six months. Don’t mess with it.
    Is that a threat?
    Hell, no, man! Got a job for you when you retire.
    Absolutely. Quarter mil a year. Yours for the taking.
    Sounds interesting.
    Cush job. Reunion time with the other guys you used to work with here.
    Well, OK. Don’t forget about the extra training.
    Don’t worry. Got it covered. We never forget.

  24. AvatarJ.lynn Sheridan

    A Mars Venus Romance

    He said: I think love sounds too much like death. There should be another word for it.

    Turning around swiftly with a twinkle in her eye, she said: You’re just one bag of wind, or beans. Both actually.

    He said: What do you think it is? His question came with a hint of sarcasm.

    She said: Love is following each other into sleep then rising in each other’s thoughts.

    He sighed. She braced herself for the inevitable emotional hangover.

    He answered by holding her hand, an unfamiliar sensation.

    He said: Sometimes when the icy sleet pours down, breaking into a million pieces, I think of you.

    She blinked slowly suddenly feeling like she was surrounded by little green men with no hearts.

  25. Avatartimphilippart

    Both Ends of the Conversation

    Hello, Diane?

    Diane– this is Ted.
    Who are you calling?

    Diane– Diane Arens.
    I am Diane. Who is this again?

    Ted– Ted Michaels — Good to hear your voice Diane, Merry Christmas.

    I don’t think I know a Ted.
    It’s me, Ted. We broke up three months ago. Just thought I’d say hello.

    Why are you wishing me season’s greetings? Do I know you?
    Yes, of course — it is me, Ted

    When did we?
    Most of the last two years. 18 months.

    Where did we?
    Right here in Chicago. You used to stay weekends at my place.

    For a year and one/half? Pause

    Are you sure you have the right Diane?
    Diane, of course, you are still number one on my contact list.

    Uhh, OK.
    Finally, I thought this was a nightmare.

    Now, I remember forgetting you.
    Forgetting me?

    I missed you at the end of September.

    Forgot you by Halloween.

    Diane hangs up.
    Ted listens to dead air.

    Diane call blocks.
    Ted ends call.

    Diane continues to forget.
    Ted moves Diane to tenth on the contacts list.

  26. Avatarcrtv_out_lit

    by Brian Nemerow

    “Can I get a drag from your filter?”
    He asked, not referring to
    the cigarette.
    “Sure,” she replied
    “Will it burn?” he asked,
    already knowing
    the answer.

  27. AvatarCandace

    Might Be Santa

    “I saw him.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Was he wearing a red suit?”
    “No. He was wearing a dirty, old winter coat.”
    “Did he have a sleigh?”
    “No. I think he was walking.”
    “No, just a scruffy dog.”
    “How about a round belly?”
    “He was kind of thin, I think.”
    “A pipe?”
    “A sack of present?”
    “Only a garbage bag full of stuff.”
    “A white beard?”
    “How did you know it was him?”
    “His eyes. They twinkled.”
    “Must be a disguise.”

  28. Avatarbarbara_y

    French Dialog

    From our separate loveseats
    my husband and I enjoy

    a French detective series
    streamed to our rural TV.

    I have a laptop perched on my thighs
    and am trying to work out a problem

    in Photoshop. The background surf
    of dialog pauses. The characters run.

    I look up, read the subtitle
    still hanging over the chase. “Why?”

    “I did nothing wrong.” My husband,
    head back at a bizarre angle, snores.

    For a while I continue to read the TV,
    and waves separate into braided streams.

    The innocent man is guilty–of something else.
    My husband repeats: this French series

    is more true to the novels’ details.

  29. Avatartaylor graham


    “I saw police trying to catch the turkeys!”
    “The wild turkeys on Spring St centerline?”
    “Fanning tails – a who’s-got-the-biggest contest.”
    “And they use the crosswalks….”
    “The guys caught one, the other was still running.”
    “What will they do with them?”
    “They said ‘relocate to a better place.’”
    “It’s what Mom would say when my pets died.”
    “Those turkeys are a local treasure.”
    “Someone complained about being followed.”
    “Turkeys follow me but never attacked.”
    “A matter of public safety, the police said.”
    “But drivers are careful and patient for turkeys.”
    “Didn’t even honk when turkeys stopped traffic.”
    “I’ll miss them. Those turkeys made my day.”
    “Reminded me of the goodness in people – gone.”

  30. Avatarsue crisp

    Poetic Asides – Dialogue form Sue Crisp day #24 – 11/14/19


    “I think it’s time to let her know
    she’s adopted,” she said.
    “I don’t think so,” he said looking
    thoughtful. “She’s only two.”
    She sighed and said, “that’s plenty
    old enough, other people reveal
    parentage at a younger age.”
    “I know,” he said, “but we don’t
    want to change her relationship
    with them.”
    She rolls her eyes, and says to him,
    “I don’t think it will change anything,
    they’re dogs.”

  31. Avatarconnielpeters

    On the Go

    She said, the chances here are slim to none
    For our relationship to spread its wings
    It seems you never want to have some fun
    I like to sing, hike, swim and many things

    He said, it’s true I like to sit and be
    What’s the hurry to get from here to there?
    Just being with you matters most to me
    The key to loving is simply to care

    She said, if you do care for me then know
    Just sitting still makes me feel like I died
    I thrive on action, being on the go
    So many things to do, the choices wide

    He said, then go, but I’ll be here for you
    She said, don’t wait for me, because we’re through

  32. Avatargrcran

    The Interview

    “You like iambic. Why not tell us why?”
    “I like iambic. It’s my default thing.
    It rings. I answer. See what muse it brings.
    I am iambic. I’m iambic guy.”

    “You meter that pentameter alive.
    Why five?” “High five! I’ve sent pentameter
    with jivy rhythmic drive parameter.
    Unbent, I’ve helped pentameter survive.”

    “About vernacular. Do you believe?”
    “Perceive this, interviewer. Ain’t no guess.
    Yes-yes. Oh yeah. Right on. And yessiree.
    This language it’s a web for me to weave.
    Or tell it straight, my choice. I do digress.
    Iambic and pentameter for me.”

    gpr crane

  33. AvatarDaniel Paicopulos

    He Said Its Marriage. She Said True That

    He said,
    don’t need no tropical moon,
    nor no sleepy lagoon.
    She said,
    that might be so,
    but it’s the best way to go.
    He said it’s best to be home,
    with the tv and phone.
    She said it’s better by far,
    to see Europe by car.
    He said home cooking delights,
    and I sincerely love pizza nights.
    She said any restaurant will do,
    but, of course, it must have a view.
    He said that Kenmore is nice,
    and you really can’t beat the price.
    She said, trying to be fair,
    but you can’t beat Jenn-Air.
    He said, no way around it,
    in arguments I’m toast,
    but he loves her even more
    ‘cause she’s all that,
    what they call “the most”.
    She said, are you saying I’m fat?

  34. Avatarkhoward

    Around & around

    “The program is your not ours .”
    “This program is ours not mine.”
    “Do fix it, for your part looped wrong.”
    “It is ours never mine.
    We both are to blame.”
    “On and on we go. Always a
    merry-go-round & your to blame.”
    “We will both press the trash key.”
    “No you do, for it is yours.”
    “Well look at that. It was mine & he
    was the program. I will start again.”

  35. AvatarPat Walsh

    by Patrick J. Walsh

    “how will I know,” she asked,
    tapping her fingers nervously
    on the back of the chair,
    “that you got there safely?”

    “you will know,” the old one
    replied kindly, adding with
    a reassuring nod and a grin,
    “you will hear it in the wind”

    “sometimes I just worry,”
    she persisted; but gazing
    at the dark sky he sighed:
    “listen to the wind”

  36. Avatarheadintheclouds87

    But What If…

    He said, “What if this doesn’t work?”
    They said, “Just have to try it first”.
    He persisted, “But what if it doesn’t?”
    They said, “We’ll look at other options”.
    He cried “What if none of them succeed?”
    They said, “We’ll draw up a Plan B”.
    He wailed, “But what will that look like?”
    They groaned, “Don’t need that much foresight”.
    He despaired, “What if we run out of letters?”
    They seethed, “We’ll move onto bloody numbers”.
    He sobbed, “But what if…”
    To which they finally lost patience…

    “Look, what will be will be,
    You’re creating catastrophe
    Before even trying anything,
    Stop fretting about future days
    And just take that leap of faith”.
    He pondered this for a minute,
    Then said, “But what if I slip,
    And fall into a pit?”
    They exhaustedly said, “You already have,
    By throwing yourself into these what if’s,
    Now shut up and just try first
    Before your jittery head bursts”.

  37. AvatarPressOn


    “Is that a peregrine?”

    “Maybe it’s just a dream.”

    “You know, I’ve never seen
    that bird in diving stream,
    and never heard it scream.”

    “I have to tell you this:
    your sighting is remiss;
    not every bird can be,
    despite your wish for bliss,
    the bird you think you see.”

  38. AvatarKenzo

    A Glass Of Wine
    by Kenzo Amariyo

    He said: “My dear, you look so fine.”
    She said: “Why thank you, would you like a glass of wine?”
    He said: “Well yes, that would be really great.”
    She said: “Oh no, that will make us very late.”

    He said: “Then don’t worry, we can get one with our dinner.”
    She said: “Great, but it’s my treat as my Lotto was a winner.”
    He said: “Oh wow! Then we need to celebrate.”
    But after much wine, on her nerves he started to grate!

    Three hours later and she could take no more.
    She said politely: “Would you mind walking me to my door?”
    He said: “Of course I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all,
    Tonight has been great, it has been a real ball.”

    But on arrival at her home,
    To her dismay his hands did roam.
    She said: “Please stop” and slapped him hard,
    And said: “From now, you’re surely barred.”

    He said: “I’m sorry, I drank too much wine.”
    She said: “It’s OK, I’m truly fine.”
    Then she went in and closed the door,
    And didn’t see him anymore!


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