2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

Half. Way. There. It’s all downhill from here.

For today’s prompt, write a prediction poem. Make a prediction. Write about another person’s correct or incorrect prediction. Or, you know, be unpredictable.


Poem Your Days Away!

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Anyway, it’s great for prompting poems, and you should order a copy today. (Maybe order an extra one as a gift for a friend.)

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Here’s my attempt at a Prediction Poem:

“the problem with trying to forecast the future”

I haven’t been putting off
that one thing because it’s
difficult but because it’s
difficult to think about
what comes after.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He always feels like his predictions are the best, but they’re actually predictably average. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

245 thoughts on “2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

  1. AvatarBDP

    Imayo: “Grave Prognosticators”

    Those statues are too ancient: lampposts give us light.
    Tarnished monument, who cares: let’s skateboard the bridge.
    Stone vaulted ceiling, a crypt: shout out pluck the day.
    Sculpted marble, cast bronze, slabs: all live things must pass.

    * * * * *

    those statues are too ancient
    lampposts give us light
    tarnished monument, who cares
    let’s skateboard the bridge
    stone vaulted ceiling, a crypt
    shout out pluck the day
    sculpted marble, cast bronze, slabs
    all live things must pass

    B Peters

  2. AvatarYolee

    Old Farmer’s Almanac

    Forecast on Good Friday calls for thunderstorms.
    Saturday should be emolliently sunnier.
    Easter Sunday will be luminous.

    There will be lows,
    highs, and changing
    wind patterns.

    The sprouting grass moon will be dressed to the nines.

  3. AvatarTom Hayes

    First Sight

    It was all too predictable.
    The ingredients were there,
    the flowing auburn hair,
    brown eyes with glints of gold.
    More so, the spark
    behind the eyes,
    where connections are made.
    A connection so fine
    that it compels me to say,
    Everyday ,
    just how lucky I was.
    Even at first sight,
    it was easy to predict.
    Everything clicked,
    and here we are.

  4. AvatarBill Kirk

    PAD Day #15:

    What Are The Odds?
    By Bill Kirk

    What are the odds that God’s not real
    And we’re left to our own devices?
    Could randomness give us this glorious mess—
    Our reward simply rolling the dices?

  5. Avatarina

    Sand Clock

    In 1975, In June.
    Or maybe in July.
    We were singing
    on the swings
    that hung over the sand
    ported in from a coast
    that didn’t have another
    presence in grasshopper
    country. We swung our legs
    and sang that it was wise to
    let it be and that we’d always
    be true and that we’d
    be following a winding
    road to better places
    and now here we are
    and so few of us are
    still with the grasshoppers
    and our roads ended
    in places that we
    did not predict
    with one blind eye
    or a tube of black lipstick
    or one wife for a wife
    or one ghost child standing
    between the two who
    still stand and reflect who you were
    or one view of the glazed green ocean
    the moment the wave stands
    still, peaked,
    before rushing to
    cover the sand that
    will always belong

  6. Avatarrebwood


    If ninety nine percent of all experts agree
    that if you jump off a cliff you will die,
    why do some believe honestly,
    that when jumping, they fly.

  7. AvatarKimiko Martinez


    One could say our relationship was like an airport
    so many comings and goings
    long embraces after even longer absences
    and more than a few delays and bumpy landings
    looking forward to every hello
    and regretting every goodbye
    until the last

  8. AvatarLinda Hatton

    I Saw It Coming

    Do not embrace
    the days we had.
    Those days have
    vanished like
    an apparition
    of a lost
    loved one at twilight.
    Those days we tread
    over famous landscape
    paintings, traded
    bits of that
    which we shared
    with no one else.
    Those days we cannot
    cash in
    for change.
    Those days we’ve
    lost, they’ve been

    Do not embrace
    the days we had.
    Do not embrace
    my face, it’s different
    now—worn &
    chiseled like cedar
    trunks from a wood-
    pecker’s beak,
    worn from twigs
    snapped underfoot.

    No, do not embrace
    the days we had.
    We’ve been gifted
    with new days. Embrace
    the days you have,
    your new faces.
    And forget me.

  9. AvatarMr. Walker

    I cannot predict / how this poem will end
    I do not know if it will end in tears
    Be they of joy or sorrow

    How can you say before / you say?

    I wish more people would think
    Before they say
    I wish I could predict that happening more often

    And frankly don’t more people say
    Than speak nowadays
    I’m just saying

    But the universe runs from order to entropy
    So I don’t think I can predict / with any certainty
    That we will proceed from order to order

    I think I can safely predict entropy

    I predict this poem will end

    So this poem ends
    An essay on prediction
    No tears in the poet
    Let me know if it brought you to tears

    But maybe it left you with a thought
    That you didn’t predict when you started

  10. Avatarmayboy


    Our (un)pre-dict-able destiny,
    not deciphered yet, urges to connect the dots
    of the altered consciousness in the world, we live in.

  11. AvatarValkyri


    the scientist counted the particles of the universe
    with their fancy symbols that look like an alien language
    so beautifully delicate those symbols and formulas of theirs
    and they announced that the universe was expanding
    with each bit getting farther away from every other bit
    without ever getting nearer to each other on and on toward infinity
    and all would be black and cold and alone, eventually

    but the message was wholly and totally different to me
    and the ciphers and sigils meant nothing at all
    because someone forgot the minus sign on the board
    and it will all coalesce back in on itself to an alchemical pinpoint
    all matter everywhere closing in smaller and smaller
    until you and me and Jupiter and Antares and all of it
    will be as small as one angel dancing on the head of pin

    but since it is well known that energy cannot disappear
    it can only transmute only transform only transfer states
    then all of it will re-explode re-expand re-bang big big
    and what is important is that which carries over from
    one state of being to another state of being that energy
    will certainly be reborn again and the only thing that will
    ever silence the screams from the universe is that One
    universal energy which we put into something called “love”

    1. AvatarPearl Ketover Prilik

      I’ve been so enjoying your writing …your wonderful word play and your underlying sensibility …love the notion of the coalescence and transmutation of matter here …”until you and me and Jupiter…will be as small as one angel dancing on the head of a pin “. Bravo!

  12. AvatarPearl Ketover Prilik

    Prediction 2009

    When this physical life ends
    the earth thrown in handfuls
    thumping on my coffin – I
    shall be remembered with
    tears and laughter deeply
    loved by the son I birthed
    and the children i raised –
    I feel certain that there
    shall be a loving daughter-
    in-law from the one child
    I carried to term – and
    from him a child who
    will forever feel my touch
    imprinted in his soul –
    My name will be spoken
    often, and my counsel
    missed in times of distress.
    My family will gather as
    time passes and I shall
    live in their memory – as
    they create new ones as
    it is written it shall come
    to be – and wherever I
    shall be in whatever
    whisper in the wind will
    brush their cheeks
    and we shall smile

    Prediction 2019
    Perhaps the children
    I raised but did not
    birth – shall arrive
    by plane to stop
    by and toss a hand-
    ful of earth – say a
    kind word or two –
    leave the children
    at home – no need
    for them to be dis-
    tressed. The son
    of my womb will
    stay silent and
    away – Perhaps a
    sigh of relief will
    lift his chest at
    the finality of my
    actual rather than
    configured death
    and I shall be
    spoken no more
    of in death than
    I was in the latter
    years of his life –
    The grandchild
    that knew me not
    in life will hear
    not of me in
    death – perhaps
    I will pass in a
    sudden whoosh of
    warm spring wind
    to brush his cheek
    sometime with a kiss
    that cannot be forbidden.

  13. AvatarP.A. Beyer

    God’s Actuary

    I study charts, tables and forecasts
    To search for life’s pattern
    To calculate its algorithm
    With a universal dataset
    No correlation is too small
    My statistical model generates
    A continuous distribution
    And I can definitively say
    Mr. Einstein
    That you were wrong
    Life is a crapshoot
    Best of luck to you all!

  14. AvatarAnvanya


    I’m doing whatever I can
    To get ready for the Big One.
    It’s been predicted, you know, but
    One never knows the day nor the hour
    Of the shaking and rattling and rending
    Sent forth from the Cascadia Fault.

    Having been born and grown up
    In So Cal, quakes were something of a
    Way of life. Not that anyone took them
    Seriously, and even the USGS was stymied
    When asked to forecast the timing
    For the next big event. Can’t be done
    With any certainty, was the buzz.
    But it will happen, so get ready.

    After the ’94 Northridge blind thrust incident
    Pasadena sent out a get-ready scheme:
    One thing to do each month for a year
    And Bob’s on top, you’re pretty well up
    On preparedness skills. Well, that lasted
    About two months at our Neighborhood
    Watch meetings and now it’s business as
    Usual, kids.

    Up here in the great Northland on the Sea
    No one’s ready, far as I can tell. Oh, sure,
    We prate on – when the big one hits we’ll
    All be in the same boat, so stock up on
    Bottled water and practice walking to the
    Nearest Red Cross designated church or school
    Building. Wait: the new YMCA on Colby,
    Anybody seen the building specs for
    Seismic safety?

    © 4-2019 MCL


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