New Literary Agent Alert: Lisbeth Hart of Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Editor’s Note: Lisbeth Hart is no longer working with Metamorphosis Literary Agency and is not accepting submissions.

New literary agent alerts (with this spotlight featuring Lisbeth Hart of Metamorphosis Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

About Lisbeth:

Since she received her Bachelor’s degree in Museum Studies and History, Lisbeth has been working in museums across the United States from Seattle to Washington D.C. to New York. Lisbeth grew up reading picture books by the hour and by preschool she was writing short stories. She has written for the Smithsonian blog and is currently writing her first novel. She began interning for Metamorphosis Literary Agency in early 2018 and is now one of their Junior Literary Agents.

She is Seeking:

Lisbeth wants to find well-written works of fiction that captivate her from the first sentence, that take her on an emotional rollercoaster, and that keep her thinking long after she’s finished reading. She is interested in reading new adult, adult contemporary, LGBTQ, and multi-racial narratives with complex and compelling characters. Modern, multi-dimensional characters that defy societal conventions and take roads less traveled intrigue her.

She loves a spellbinding romance with relatable characters who face great obstacles. Forbidden romances are her not-so-guilty pleasures: Shine Shine Shine, If You Come Softly, Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.

She has a particular soft spot for family dramas where the characters’ decisions often cause chaos: My Sister’s Keeper, The Nest, Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down.

She is always on the lookout for stellar psychological thrillers with unexpected twists and turns: Shutter Island, The Shining, and suspenseful narratives: Big Little Lies, Never Let Me Go, The Pact.

She is also eager to read YA and historical fiction.

How to Submit:

Lisbeth Hart is no longer working with Metamorphosis Literary Agency and is not accepting submissions.

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