New Agency Alert: The OnyxHawke Agency

Editor’s Note: There’s a new agency that opened several months ago I thought I would tell you about. I haven’t met Mr. Kabongo, but I’ve looked over the site and he seems very legit. It’s also a pleasure to see someone who specializes in sci-fi and fantasy – not usually popular topics with agents. Give his website a close look, as their are multiple ways to submit to him.

The OnyxHawke Agency

Contact: Michael Kabongo. The OnyxHawke Agency, 141 Newburyport Turnpike, Suite 382, Rowley, MA 01969 (212)433-0141.

Looking for: Primarily science fiction and fantasy.

How to submit: “For fiction, send the whole novel. Send it only in Rich Text Format (RTF). Send one novel at a time. Include on the first page of the file your name, your address, your email address (at least one) and your phone number. Format your subject line: Title of Novel – Your Name – Genre – Any special code from the FAQ or given to you by me. Include a brief synopsis of the plot in the email. List the minimum length for consideration of any major publisher as listed on the SFWA “Qualifying Novel Venues” at the bottom of your cover letter, with the name of the publisher. For example ‘Forsaken Future Books 95,000 words.’ Format your file name with “First initial Last name Title’. ”


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